While the core class libraries of Android's Dalvik VM incorporate a subset of Apache Harmony, this code is not the intellectual property that Oracle is suing Google over.  Apache posted a blog recently trying to clear up this misconception that Harmony is connected to Oracle's beef with Google.  "Even though the code in question has an Apache license," the blog says, "it is not part of Harmony."

Virgo 2.1 is Final
Eclipse announced the final release of Virgo 2.1 (formerly Spring dmServer), which now has much faster startup and upgraded dependencies.  The community response has been strong, with thousands of downloads for each of the milestones along with many forum posts and mailing list discussions.  Virgo's mission is to grow the community and make the technology more easily consumable by application developers.

Google Wave Creator Leaves for Facebook
It seems that Facebook wants to take the R&D behind Google's dead experiment, Google Wave, and implement it on their site.  How do I know?  Well, it's a pretty good guess since Facebook just hired Lars Rasmussen, the creator of Google Wave.  It's yet another case of smart developers being lured to the Social Networking giant.

HTML5: First Test Results Released!
It's still years away from finalization, but the HTML5 specification had its first W3C-led browser comparison test, and they found that IE9 preview 6 had the best HTML5 implementation.  However, two other tests arrived at different conclusions.  The W3C test suite only tested "attributes", "audio", "video", "canvas", "getElementsByClassName", "foreigncontent" and "xhtml5".  

Google Guava v0.7 - introduction with examples
Simplify your everyday Java development tasks with Guava 0.7.  Thanks to Tomasz Dziurko for posting this.