Daylight is a natural and organic skincare concept that makes women feel good, fresh and bright all day long. The brand’s products are handcrafted – with love and passion – from natural plant and mineral ingredients.
The brand is aimed at women of all ages who make a special point of caring for their skin with natural and organic products, but who don’t want to have to use a multitude of different skin care products. That’s why the brand consists of just three essential products: a moisturizer, a face mask and a repair serum.
We created a complete brand identity for Daylight, including logo design, packaging and containers, and 3 dimensional product visualizations.
The name – Daylight – was inspired by the feeling of well-being that the brand’s products provide, similar to the feeling you get when the early morning light gently caresses your skin.
The challenge was to create a visual identity that stood out from the typical organic cosmetics style by introducing bright, bold colors into the packaging and overall brand. In addition to the bright, bold colors in the packaging, the overall design is based on a gradient, colorful shape that references daylight.
The packaging was designed to have the essential information. We opted for the use of glued labels to reaffirm the handmade feel. Pushing the brand’s commitment to environmental friendliness, we also made sure that the life cycle of the packaging was as sustainable as possible by using recycled materials.
Design process: Extensive industry research was first necessary to understand the realities, uses and challenges of the organic and natural cosmetics industry; and secondly to create a unique and engaging brand experience.
The technical phase: The project was carried out using mainly Adobe programs and Blender 3D software. Most of the visualization work, including product packaging modeling, texturing and staging, was done with Blender 3D. The design was created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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