As Kibo Commerce President and Chief Commerce Officer Meyar Sheik notes, today’s shoppers expect a consistent personalized shopping experience, and have little tolerance for siloed channels or touch points.

In fact, internal Kibo research has shown that organizations see the best business results when personalization is applied to every customer touchpoint across the end-to-end shopper journey. But our omnichannel world has made it more complicated to deliver consistent and seamless customer experiences. To that end, we’ve released The Essential Guide To End-To-End Personalization.

With it, you can begin to show your customers that you truly get them by influencing the customer journey at every juncture and opportunity.

In our guide, readers can expect to find:

The Benefits of Personalization

With the right personalization solution in place, companies can boost Average Order Value (AOV) for each customer and each purchase, build better customer loyalty that will keep keep the best customers coming back for more, and value at increasing scale as they leverage insights from existing customers across new ones.

How to Get Started With Personalization

This section includes best practices to follow for an ever-expanding personalization strategy. From conducting a data inventory to setting measurable goals, learn how to activate a personalized shopping experience as you see fit.

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Benchmarking Success With Meaningful Metrics

How to establish a baseline to success using both internal and external benchmarks. Your metrics for an effective personalization strategy should not be influenced by the implementation of personalization and a personalized shopping experience, they should be able to directly improve business results.

Building an End-To-End Personalized Journey

This section explores five best-in-class examples showing real-world implementations of end-to-end personalization, including Kibo clients Jojo Maman Bébé, MSC Industrial Supply, and Helly Hansen.

How Unified Commerce Can Help Your Personalization Strategy

A unified personalization strategy can only be achievable with the adoption of the right unified commerce platform. Read how retailers utilize modern platforms that deliver a unified and personalized shopping experience from beginning to end.