Design Patterns in Java

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A collection of design patterns in Java. My aim is to implement all of them (with documentation) as a learning resource/ reference point for myself and others.

Creational Structural Behavioral
Abstract factory Adapter Chain of responsibility
Builder Bridge Command
Factory Composite Iterator
Prototype Decorator Mediator
Singleton Facade Memento
Object pool Flyweight Observer
Proxy State
Template method


To build, just do a Maven build. Also included is findbugs, jacoco, PMD and checkstyle.


Tests are written that run and explain each pattern - so you can try them individually.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are very much welcome! Please note, every pull request should have:

  • A matching JUnit Test (with good coverage)
  • Run and fixed any checkstyle errors (run mvn checkstyle:checkstyle) [if you don't build will fail]
  • PMD (run mvn pmd:pmd) and Findbugs should also be run and best effort to resolve issues


  • Neil Grogan (dueyfinster)
  • Mark Howard (bark4mark)