The newest raid for Destiny 2, Deep Stone Crypt, is here and while hardcore players are still trying to make their way through the various encounters, others have already found some secrets. Specifically, the first hidden chest has been found and it’s relatively easy to open. Some might even be able to do it solo, either right now or after the Contest modifier has been deactivated.

The first “encounter” of Deep Stone Crypt involves the fireteam moving through a blizzard on their Sparrows or Fallen Pikes, all while avoiding spider mines and enemies. The area is peppered with heat bubbles that will protect players from dying to a Frostbite debuff, but going outside of the bubbles starts stacking the debuff once again. If any player gets Frostbite x10 they will die.

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For this part of the new Destiny 2 raid the goal is fairly simple: get from point A to point B without dying to the Frostbite debuff. Players will travel from heat bubble to heat bubble in order to decrease their stacks of Frostbite and then progress. However, because the Deep Stone Crypt raid is so new, players will be mostly flying blind. Head out into the blizzard and looking for the next glowing orange bubble.

Once players do make it through this intro section of the raid, they will be rewarded with a hidden chest. Before entering the facility at the end of the Blizzard section, turn around, and head to the left. Travel up a small cliff and hook into an alcove. There should be a chest there to open.

Keep in mind that the Frostbite debuff is still active, so players will need to move fast in order to open the chest. There is a strong likelihood that they might die after getting the chest, but their ghost should be right at the exit for an easy revive.

Because this chest appears so early on in the Deep Stone Crypt raid, players can access it solo if they so choose. There are no kill requirements in order to progress or any player gates. Right now, with the Contest modifier active, it’s going to be much more difficult to get through the whole encounter without dying, but it is possible. And once the modifier is gone and players can take advantage of their Artifact bonus power, it should be well worth opening every week.

That being said, Destiny 2 players will not get any “loot” from the chest if they haven’t completed any encounters within the Deep Stone Crypt. Raid chests in Destiny 2 work by pulling from the player’s existing loot pool, which is made up of pieces of gear and weapons that they have already earned as a drop from encounters. In other words, players shouldn’t expect to get any new Destiny 2 raid armor or weapons from this chest.

The chest does, however, have useful raid mods that players can stock up on for a future Deep Stone Crypt raid run. It also offers Spoils of Conquest currency for purchasing exotic weapons from raids that have been put in the Destiny Content Vault.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now.

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