For Destiny 2 players who have been waiting to complete their Warmind Cell builds, the day has finally arrived. Banshee-44, better known as The Gunsmith, is selling the Wrath of Rasputin mod.

The Gunsmith is only selling the Destiny 2 mod today, March 13, so players are encouraged to jump into the game and buy the mod immediately. Even if they aren’t sure how a Warmind Cell works or use builds in the game, it is worth picking this one up now and worrying about everything else later.

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While plenty of Destiny 2 players already have the Wrath of Rasputin mod and a diverse selection of Warmind Cell builds, others were only recently shown how viable they can be. Their popularity really started to surge during Season of Arrivals, when Bungie reintroduced the Escalation Protocol weapons and a few Season of the Worthy weapons.

But once players had the weapons to make Warmind Cells, they learned that there are a few essential mods to make them even more potent. Wrath of Rasputin is towards the top when it comes to that hierarchy, but unfortunately, it had been quite a while since Banshee-44 had sold the mod. Bungie even acknowledged that it would look into better ways to reissue old mods so that players could enjoy popular builds. It had only done so because so many players had been asking when they might be able to buy Wrath of Rasputin.

The key to any Warmind Cell mod is that they will create the red balls after a certain number of defeats with a Seventh Seraph weapon. These include any of the weapons from the Season of the Worthy and the reissued weapons from Escalation Protocol. That is the base effect of these mods, and then Wrath of Rasputin has the added bonus of giving players a chance of creating Warmind Cells after a solar splash damage kill.

That second effect is so coveted because it turns non Warmind Cell-creating weapons (and also abilities) into Warmind Cell weapons. Anything that has solar splash damage, like Sunshot, Xenophage, and the new Ticuu’s Divination bow, can create Warmind Cells with their type of damage. Solar grenades and Solar supers can create Warmind Cells too.

From there, Destiny 2 players can build off Wrath of Rasputin with a variety of Warmind Cell mods. There are some that give the Cell explosion debuffs and some that allow the player to use the Cell in unexpected ways like “consume” it for health regeneration.

But the best use of Wrath of Rasputin is arguably in combination with the Global Reach and Rage of the Warmind mods. These two mods make the damage of a Warmind Cell reach further and give each explosion solar damage, respectively. So not only will players’ weapons make Warmind Cells but their Warmind Cells will be capable of making Warmind Cells. It's an exceptional combination for clearing out enemies in densely packed activities like Battlegrounds.

Now that Bungie has decided against sunsetting, Warmind Cells are going to be viable for the foreseeable future. The developer did say that it will be looking into balancing Warmind Cells, though, and it would not be surprising to see Wrath of Rasputin and its various builds get some sort of nerf. But even so, it is well worth picking up the mod now and having fun with it.

Destiny 2 is available now for all platforms.

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