Two full years after its release, Destiny 2: Forsaken still holds some secrets for players to uncover, especially within the raid that came alongside the expansion, The Last Wish. Between finding new tricks, tips, and exploits to run The Last Wish, players have continued to dive into the raid, with some noticing an interesting detail about Riven, the final boss, that may have major implications for her lore.

The detail itself has been passed around the Raid Secrets subreddit, with the discussion being most recently revived by Reddit user u/solthas who began a new thread to question what Bungie may have intended with Riven. Given the way that The Last Wish still holds lasting implications for the overall lore of Destiny 2, some of these details that fans have poured over could lead into the upcoming events of Beyond Light.

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For those unaware, Riven of a Thousand Voices is an Ahamkara, the magical, wish-granting space dragons that existed far in the past of Destiny's expansive lore. With Riven being the last Ahamkara in the solar system, players had never seen one until The Last Wish, meaning that Bungie was able to surprise fans with the character's design, including her strangely asymmetrical eyes. The position of these eyes in particular are the key detail players have started discussing, noticing that they resemble an inverted "XV" the roman numerals for 15.

One thing that many of the fans looking over this detail have speculated is that the XV could be alluding to the fifteenth wish that is referenced in The Last Wish's Wall of Wishes, both through lore, as well as through in-game data. This has lead some fans to assume that the wish made at the end of the raid, the wish to kill Riven, is in itself the fifteenth wish, indicated by the position of her eyes. The nature of this moment in the lore, and the implication of Riven's continued existence beyond her death as a result of the players' desire to kill her, has been left intentionally vague by Bungie in the past as well.

While players have complained in the past about the main storyline of the series, Bungie often attempts to make up for this shortcoming with a deep and comprehensive lore in Destiny. This extended backstory has still drawn some negativity from some fans, especially in the earlier days of the series when most of this information was only available on a separate website instead of in the game. However, now that Bungie has had years to implement and improve on both the way Destiny displays the lore and the amount of content available to pour through, this part of the game has become one of its most successful aspects among fans.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit