Destiny 2 introduced a new Darkness Subclass with Beyond Light called Stasis. The Hunter variant named Revenant is a powerful force in PVP capable of slowing and freezing targets to help players claim victory in the Crucible. The Revenant Hunter is versatile and has access to both AOE and single target focused abilities to help it in any situation the player may find themselves in.

Understanding the new subclass skill tree is fairly straightforward and broken down into three parts: Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments. The Hunter jump and class abilities have migrated over from the rest of the Hunter subclasses in Destiny 2 so players should be familiar with these. The Revenant brings with it new grenades and a new melee ability. There are three new Stasis grenades available to the Revenant Hunter; the Glacier Grenade will create a wall of Stasis crystals when thrown and will be a focus in this build. The Duskfield Grenade creates an AOE dome that pulls in, slows, and eventually freezes enemies. The Coldsnap Grenade travels across a surface when thrown and seeks out nearby targets to freeze them.

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The new Hunter melee ability, Withering Blade, stacks up to two charges and is a thrown projectile similar to the Hunter Throwing Knife. When thrown, the shuriken will slow enemies it hits and bounces off to find another enemy nearby. Hitting an enemy with two shurikens will freeze the enemy. The next new addition brought by Stasis are Aspects, where a key piece in this build comes from. The Shatterdive Aspect allows the Hunter to dive from midair and shatter any frozen enemies or Stasis crystals created by any Stasis abilities such as Glacier Grenades. Shatterdive paired with the previously mentioned Glacier Grenade allows the Hunter to quickly create massive AOE damage by throwing a Glacier Grenade near an enemy to create a wall of Stasis crystals and then Shatterdiving into the crystals causing AOE shatter damage and killing nearby enemies.

To further strengthen the Glacier Grenade and Shatterdive combo, the Revenant Hunter can equip two out of the available six Fragments. To maximize the Shatterdive combo, the two Fragments players should utilize are the Whisper of Fissures to increase the damage and the size of the AOE when shattering a Stasis crystal or frozen target to more reliably OHK nearby enemies. Players should also equip the Whisper of Shards Fragment to increase Resilience by +1o as well as boost their grenade recharge rate when shattering a Stasis crystal encouraging more grenade throws followed by more Shatterdives to further propel the build.

Using this combo creates a loop that players should try and utilize whenever possible to maximize the effectiveness of this build. Players should use the Glacier grenade to place a wall of Stasis crystals near an enemy and then perform a Shatterdive from the air into the Stasis crystals to create a shatter explosion killing any enemies nearby and granting the player increased recharge rate for their next Glacier Grenade, thanks to the Whisper of Shards Fragment. Players may also Shatterdive into any other Stasis crystals on the map for the same AOE Shatter explosion as well as activate Whisper of Shards reducing grenade recharge rate.

Revenant Hunters have quite a few options for exotics to use with this Glacier Grenade/Shatterdive combo. For weapons players may want to consider some with the Demolitionist or Wellspring perks to aid in reducing the cooldown time between grenades and increasing the number of Shatterdive combos. When it comes to Exotic armor, a great pairing would be the FR0St-EE5 Exotic legs which reduces the cooldown of the Hunter grenade, melee, and dodge abilities --dodging also increases sprint speed.

To top off this Glacier Grenade/Shatterdive combo, players should focus on their armor stats and mods. Players should put focus on the Disciple, Mobility, and Recovery stats when choosing armor to reduce grenade cooldowns, increase jump height, and recover health faster. Notable armor mods are Fastball for Gauntlets to increase grenade throw distance and players using solar gauntlets players may want to add Impact Induction to reduce the grenade cooldown when dealing damage with melee abilities allowing the Withering Blade to aid in fueling the Glacier Grenade.

Players using a solar cloak may also choose to use the Bomber mod which reduces grenade cooldown when using the Hunter dodge class ability, otherwise, players should aim for mods that suit their weapons of choice and maximize their overall armor stat values.

With this fully kitted Stasis Hunter Revenant, Destiny 2 Beyond Light players will be able to jump in, throw down some Glacier Grenade,d and Shatterdive their way to ice-filled mayhem in the crucible with increased damage, AOE, and every shattered enemy or Stasis crystal boosting the Hunters grenade recharge rate to do it all over again. Simply running towards the next engagement will have FR0ST-EE5 providing increased recharge rates for the Hunter abilities. The Revenant Hunter can also Shatterdive enemy Glacier Crystals to activate the increased grenade recharge rate from the Whisper of Shards Fragment allowing the player to use enemy abilities for personal gain.

When more Stasis Hunter Aspects and Fragments enter Destiny 2, there may be changes to Revenant Hunter's build potential but until then, players should try this build out for themselves.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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