Giuseppe Massimo Pinto has been programming for about four years now. His application (Metrodrummer 2) was one of the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge entries and we asked for his insights on programming with Delphi. Download Metrodrummer 2  to experience the application. me_1-4618831

When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and how long have you been using it?

I”m starting using delphi from about 4 years. Starting with community edition then my boss buy a license con me. I use rad studio for many purpose, but mainly i use it for mobile app development.

What was it like building software before you had RAD Studio/Delphi?

The only thing I had never created was an app for iPad or Mac.  I used, and still use, other tools, mainly C++ or VB6 for development on Windows and Java with Android Studio for Android development.

How did RAD Studio/Delphi help you create your showcase application?

It helped me a lot for the very intuitive graphic management. The main advantage is having a single project to compile Windows, MAC, iOS and Android applications.

What made RAD Studio/Delphi stand out from other options?

It compiles for many platforms.

What made you happiest about working with RAD Studio/Delphi?

The ease of compiling for Android and iOS.

What have you been able to achieve through using RAD Studio/Delphi to create your showcase application?

Obviously the development of many apps and a .dll which in turn uses an oxc made in C. It was very useful to me as a sound engine in our very famous top program for PC and macOS “Winlive Pro Synth”. The latter however is not  done in Delphi.

What are some future plans for your showcase application?

Now in my company I am working on updates of our software. Certainly some other software always in the music field in which we work
Thank you, Giuseppe! Go over to the link below and view the application’s showcase entry for more information.