Twitter has opened up “Hide Replies” to enable third-party app developers to integrate this welcome new feature into their own software.

Hide Replies was rolled out worldwide last November but, as so many of the social network’s features initially, it was limited to Twitter’s own app.

The feature allows users to hide specific replies to their conversations. While these can be unhidden if other users choose, it helps to filter out online trolls aiming to disrupt conversations.

Some people have pointed out that – when a tweet has been hidden – Twitter currently makes it very clear with a large popup. This popup could drive people to want to see what tweets have been hidden more than they would otherwise.


The popup, however, is only shown the first time. After the initial warning, an icon will display when replies have been hidden (which still somewhat brings unwanted attention to them).

Twitter has worked with a number of select partners to integrate the new feature in their products starting today.

  • Alphabet-owned company Jigsaw aims to tackle online toxicity. Hidden Replies have been integrated with Jigsaw’s Perspective API so that replies are automatically hidden if they exceed a toxicity threshold (.94)

  • Twitter says that it’s aware people stop participating in conversations when replies contain specific keywords. Reshuffle, a platform that connects business applications, developed a script to filter out replies containing set keywords.

  • Independent developer Dara Oladosu, who built the QuotedReplies app, has built an app which hides replies with markers that he has found are conducive to abusive behaviour.

Twitter wants people to spend as much time on its platform engaging in decent conversations as possible. Helping to filter out some of the online trolls the platform has become synonymous with will only help to achieve that goal.

Developers wanting to get started with Hide Replies must create a developer account and join Twitter Developer Labs. Twitter says the feature is production-ready.

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