Lets talk about candidates and job hunting. Until 2000 this wasn't an issue. Loads of opportunity in corporate space, even more in entrepreneurial space (dot com, con.... pick your consonant to suit) and then, bang, it's all over and we've had to be hand-to-mouth until the last year or so. This means that anything we did know about getting a job has gone west to be replaced by holding on to that job or worse just getting by. Now the job-hunter has the opportunity to get moving again the skill to sell yourself needs to be developed. This should be easy - I mean talking about me, me, me is usually a lot of fun. But it's a real skill - we are not all sales people and how often do we have to sell ourselves? (No sniggering please...) So lets deal with the basics and how you make YOU stand out so that its YOU getting the opportunity to show just how fab you are. So let's look at getting you that interview with me (a head-hunter) or with a prospective employer. CV's / Resumes, whatever, keep it short and keep it relevant. As a head-hunter I have a few seconds to decide whether I should read your CV and then I want to read your CV in a minute or so (OK I read quick but you know what I mean) and know I can sell you to a client / employer with even less time than I have. And to sell you I need to know what your added value is. I don't care what your hobbies are, who you live with, sleep with, play ball with - I do want to know that you can build a network in 3 days flat and that you have done it 100 times. And I want to know you are not lying so I might phone you and ask for some real references - so don't fib, you will get found out... And then I want to be able to contact you. Now. So tell me your cell number and your e-mail. Land line went out with the ark, snail mail, well OK if you want to be polite (terribly British. But don't post me your CV - my team hate scanning them and it always looks, well, tatty.) So your added value? What are you doing now that is going to change my clients world? What is the great thing you have done and can do again and then learn and apply to be even bigger and better. This is competitive big time. You've watched the new business teams sweat over that big win well now is the time for you sweat and win big... Lets do some math. Very roughly from day 0 you will have to send over 100 CVs, meet over 10 picky people and kiss a lot of frogs to get that one job. It will take you between 3 and 9 months. So bring some rations. Talk to your friends and loved ones. Keep the hinterland going as an escape and refuge. It's lonely out there and remember looking for work from work is much much easier than doing it from being unemployed - so don't leave in a hissy fit even if the boss is a total jerk, resign with somewhere to go to. None of your friends will give you a job (they know who you play ball with, sleep with ) but your network probably will. We all have a network and it only takes one person in that network to give you 2 or 3 (or more bless them) and your network then grows and grows. Oh and if they recruit thru the network they save my fee. OK ignore all that just use people like me.... OK, only joking.... Use the web - you live and breath it. You keep it going now make it work for you. Every job page, blog or opportunity to stand out, be a tall poppy, just go for it. Still worried? OK but don't forget when prairie dogging in your cubicle or looking at that gorgeous girl / guy across the room that they were the best person at the time for that job. Looks aside they are all pretty ordinary aren't they? - well now's the time for you to be a star. The only person that matters here is YOU. Go get.