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Don’t Catch Feelings, Catch Issues With Kuberhealthy - Joshulyne Park & Shilla Saebi, Comcast

Kuberhealthy is a synthetic monitoring operator for both apps and Kubernetes clusters. Learn how to increase application and cluster observability by replicating real workflow and carefully checking for the expected behavior to occur. With Kuberhealthy, our team has been able to reliably monitor all critical Kubernetes cluster functionality in order to catch issues before our developers do. With Kuberhealthy, you can write your own tests of any kind in your own container and Kuberhealthy will manage everything else, including the creation of Prometheus metrics. As we’ve transitioned more and more cloud workloads to elastic, self-healing Kubernetes clusters, the job of keeping the clusters running smoothly has become more challenging and important. That’s why we’re so excited to share Kuberhealthy, a new open-source tool we built at Comcast to keep our Kubernetes clusters running at their best.