If you subscribe to the philosophy of dreaming big, then add this one to your automotive wish list: owning a custom-built Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van to travel through and to sleep in, all 50 states. Money might not buy happiness, but it can certainly buy a tailor-made Sprinter to escape the confines of four walls.

If you could take delivery of any Sprinter van paid in full, how would you configure it and where would you travel to first? Whether you are an outdoorsy type or not, these Sprinter van conversions guarantee to move you closer to nature and are a fantastical alternative to staying locked inside at home.

Bespoke Coachworks B32


Before it committed to transforming Mercedes-Benz Sprinters into luxury vans with top-of-the-line technology and upholstery, Bespoke Coach specialized in customizing cars for the stars. The B32 is a blend of business and leisure, which offers the ideal environment for working remotely and a comfortable space for cocktails on-the-go.

Starting at $100,000, the lounge style B32 is built on the 144-inch-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Its floorplan features four captain’s chairs with massage function, and a full partition that separates the cabin. For complete privacy, motorized window shades enclose the rear lounge area, and if you need to conduct business or enjoy a meal, motorized tables deploy from the rear center console.

Additional amenities include the front center console with a built-in Nespresso machine, a Plexiglas molded mini-bar, rear center-console mini fridge, a television, a second bourbon bar, a 4G LTE cellular router, and Apple TV. Customers also have the option to upgrade to Bentley or Ferrari upholstery.

Outside Van Maui


With more than 30 years of experience in the custom van-conversion trade, Erik Ekman founded Outside Van in 2007, a company that produces 100-plus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van conversions annually. Featured in the company’s Peak Series custom builds, the “Maui” is a 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter conversion that was designed by a client who planned to live in the van for months at a time.

Built on a Sprinter with a 170-inch wheelbase, this conversion van’s theme is “bright and tropical,” highlighted by a combination of kale leaf laminate finish and repurposed oak for the overhead cabinetry. The Maui offers all the essentials of living in a home, including a galley with an electric induction stove, sink, fridge, and plenty of cabinet space. Other conveniences are a three-panel bed, a swiveling and removable table, an exterior shower, a porta potty, sunshades, and private Wi-Fi.

Explore Outside Van’s archive for more out of this world van conversions.

Hymer VisionVenture Concept


Since 1957, German manufacturer Hymer has produced some of the most innovative motorhomes and camping vans, and is known for its use of technology. The Bad Waldsee-based company debuted its VisionVenture concept at the 2019 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Germany, to give us a glimpse of what camper vans can become.

In collaboration with the German chemical company BASF, Hymer developed the VisionVenture project as a look into the future of van life in the year 2025. The lightweight VisionVenture is designed to be self-sufficient and is constructed from more than 20 innovative materials, including 3-D-printed parts. Highlights consist of a pneumatic pop-top roof, rear patio with a pull-out electric barbecue station, an office space, a full built-in bathroom, and integrated kitchenette.

This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter concept has to be one of the coolest van conversions of all time; the only shame of it is that Hymer has no plans to put the VisionVenture into production.

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