Dremel now offers a cordless version of their ultra saw with the Dremel US20V ultra saw.

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As you can see in the image above, the Dremel 20V Ultra Saw is a small portable saw that uses small 3.5″ to 4″ blades which help keep the saw overall very compact and lends to one handed use. The overall tool design is like that of an angle grinder and it does have some similarities in actual usage – more on that below. The Ultra Saw is a multi purpose circular saw that can use different blades for different uses. For example when equipped with the included 3.5″ diamond wheel, it can cut masonry. When equipped with the included 4″ (3.9″ listed on blade) wood and plastic cutting wheel, the saw can cut wood and plastic, and it can cut metal when equipped with the included 3.5″ cut off wheel.

While there are plenty of mini circular saws on the market such as Rockwell’s compact circular saw and the many clones, this Dremel has some unique features of its own that makes it stand out, besides the ability to use different cutting wheels for different applications. For example, the Ultra Saw offers the ability to place the blade outside of the blade guard which gives it the ability to make flush cuts. Their video even shows it being used to undercut a door jamb for “flush” flooring installation. I say “flush” with quotations because there is a small yet noticeable gap between the cut door trim and floor piece, more than I’d call acceptable however might not be a big deal to someone eager to take on new projects for the first time and do it themselves. You can also equip this Ultra Saw with grinding wheels to use as a grinder. As mentioned earlier, the tool itself is really more of an angle grinder adapted for the main use of cutting hence the circular saw like blade guard and small footprint shoe. It even uses a paddle trigger just like the ones you’d find on a grinder. The video shows it using an odd grinding wheel, not your typical grinding wheel material but a wheel made of thin metal with bumps on its underside for the purpose of grinding. It then shows this tool combination scraping away tile thinset.

The tool also includes a side handle to hold onto when two hand operation is preferred, such as when grinding, and also offers a vacuum attachment to minimize dust. There’s also an edge guide for cutting boards such as plywood parallel with factory edge. It has a cutting depth of 3/4″ inch which does limit the materials you can cut. Which means you are limited to cutting boards 3/4″ or smaller. You can technically cut larger items if you don’t mind making two passes. They even claim you can cut lumber in the video with dimensional lumber shown although keep in mind that the thickness of 2x lumber, a 2×4 for example is 1-1/2″ thick which means that you’ll need to make two passes, one on each side. You won’t have this problem with a standard size circular saw which can easily make a cut into 2x lumber in one pass with depth to spare.

Though a regular angle grinder and circular saw may be better suited in either scenario, I see the Ultra Saw as a tool designed for the new DIY’er with little to no experience in tools. A user that would prefer to use and own one tool that can do many jobs rather than buy several different tools. There are many tools on the market that blend the features of several tools together to make an appealing package to the average consumer that knows little about working with tools but is eager to get started. This is one of those tools and offers a match of features and ease of use that a new user would appreciate. Think of training wheels on a bike. You could do the majority of the work this tool offers on a single angle grinder, with the exception of wood cutting (angle grinders can cut wood although the lack of availability of proper wheels and needed guard make a circular saw better suited for the job) however a person that is new to using tools might find it hard to do so and the built in “circular saw” like blade guard and shoe on this model will help new ones to be effective when trying new things.

For those interested in the Dremel 20V Cordless Ultra Saw, it is available now with an MSRP of $179.99 ($229.99 Canadian) as a kit with a single battery, charger, and bag along with all the included accessories mentioned above. There’s also a two battery kit priced at a MSRP of $229.99 USD, $299.99 Canadian.

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