Download all files to follow along with video and do homework is zipped folder here: To download individual files, visit class web site here: Pdf notes: This video is an introduction to use Excel and Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online together. Learn how to import Excel Data Models into a Power BI Desktop File. Learn how to Publish Power BI Desktop and Excel Files to Power BI Online ( Learn how to share your reports and dashboards with others on any device using Power BI Online ( This class : Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Made Easy with Excel Power Tools - Excel Data Analysis Basics = E-DAB Class – Sponsored by YouTube and taught by Mike Girvin, Highline College Instructor, Microsoft Excel MVP and founder of the excelisfun channel at YouTube. This is a free educational resource for people how want to learn about the Basics of Data Analysis and Business Intelligence using Microsoft Power Tools such as, PivotTables, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI Desktop and more. Topics: 1. (00:12) Introduction and Overview of Goals of Video 2. (01:09) Download Files 3. (01:51) Send Excel Power Pivot Data Model & Power Queries to Power BI Desktop 4. (04:28) Create Power BI Visualizations based on Excel Data Model 5. (05:13) Sign in to : 6. (05:50) Create Workspace at 7. (06:33) Publish Power BI Desktop Report (Power BI File “.pbix”) to 8. (07:14) Share Report with others that they can view on any device 9. (08:10) Publish Excel file to Workspace (Worksheet Reports and Data Model) 10. (09:48) Dashboards, Reports, Excel Workbooks, Data Sets 11. (10:09) Create Power BI Report based on Excel Data Set 12. (11:26) Create Power BI Online ( Dashboard 13. (13:07) Summary 14. (13:47) You have completed E-DAB Class!!!!! MSPTDA is next class!