Ok, I fess up. While it’s hip to brag about tackling the latest visionary self-actualization book, reading Les Miserables in French, or diving into a tome by the latest tech guru, I prefer a juicy, guilty-pleasure summer read. Just look at my beat-up copy of The Other Boleyn Girl and you’ll see what I really enjoy.

No summer is complete without devouring a delicious poolside page-turner. Whether I jump into a new recommendation from a friend or a go-to like Pretty Little Liars, I love to put aside the high-brow books I “should” be reading and embrace a lighter option that brings me joy. And while I used to hide my pulp darlings, I now brandish them with pride – no shame in my Jurassic Park game.

Marketers Deserve A Break, Too

Many of us use summer reading to level-up in our professional life as well (at least I do). This is especially true of marketers who must stay up-to-date on the latest technology, thought leadership, and best practices as we head into fall.

But let’s be honest – our vacation time is precious, and we need every moment of relaxation we can find to restore ourselves for the busy months to come.

With that in mind, we here at Sprinklr had a thought: What if we could provide marketers with summer must-reads while not impinging on their precious pool time? What if we could condense our best material into accessible bites to help marketers return from vacation with the knowledge and swagger to finish the year strong?

Hence, our Quick Summer Reads were born. These snackable pieces cover everything from advanced advertising tips to C-level wisdom about shaping the customer experience – all in under 30 minutes.

The pieces we selected are downloadable, so pop one onto your iPad and you’re good to go. And after taking in some serious knowledge from the best minds in the industry, you can whip out your James Patterson novel with pride – you’ve earned it!

Quick Summer Reads from Sprinklr (Hand Picked for You, By Me)

Harnessing User Generated Content (UGC) is a great way to reach customers on a human level and bring heart and soul to your brand. But where to start?

This guide is liquid gold for marketers of all levels. Whether you’re a CMO owning the vision of your brand, or working in the trenches, this fast read covers it all

mare How to Build and Maintain a Winning UGC Strategy
Your customers are your best copywriters and creative directors. The challenge is gathering and promoting the very best user generated content (UGC) in real time. (15- to 30-minute read)
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As the role of marketing evolves from simply expressing value to our audiences to having a symbiotic relationship with their journey, it’s crucial to understand the importance of the customer experience.This Harvard Business Review study covers how we’re shifting to a customer-first, socially driven world, and offers insight into how top leaders are adapting their strategies in order to survive and thrive.

marketing articles Global Study: Leading Companies Bet on Customer Experience
The business world is undergoing an unprecedented shift. This recent report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that customer experience is vital for business success, and establishes social media as the foundation for customer experience. (30-minute read)

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When you’re looking to level-up your professional persona and evolve your career, there’s no better way than learning from leaders at the top of their game.This collaboration between Forbes and Sprinklr highlights thoughts, strategies, and results from 50 CMOs worth listening to.

marketing articles 50 Most Influential CMOs
In this exclusive new report, Forbes and Sprinklr team up to find The World’s Most Influential CMOs. Those who made the cut don’t just use social media to reach customers; they also have a clear impact in their own peer groups and personal networks. (50-minute read)

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