elden ring reveal cancelled

Elden Ring was announced back in 2019 and fans have been eagerly waiting for more information about the game since then. There were speculations that Elden Ring has been canceled which made From Software release a statement debunking such rumors.

We have had a series of rumors afterward stating that From Software would announce the release date or reveal the game back in April. Soon after that, the trailer was also leaked in bits and pieces. The leaked trailer revealed a lot about Elden Ring, showcasing the Souls-like combat and combat encounters against a mighty dragon.

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

With the leaked trailer, the buzz around the game starting gaining pace once again. Many speculated that we might get a reveal during the upcoming E3 event as well. However, it seems like that is not the case.

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According to Venture Beat journalist Jeff Grub, Elden Ring will not be at the Xbox Showcase. As far as E3 is concerned, it might be present there but the chance is quite less. This is quite surprising considering the fact that he had previously stated that we are inching closer to a reveal, and E3 seemed to be the perfect event for the reveal.

Apart from that, he also states that Starfield will be at E3 2021 but it will not be launching this year. As far as Hellblade 2 is concerned, that will also not be present in E3. With a series of highly anticipated titles likely missing out from E3 2021, it remains to be seen if E3 2021 is actually as eventful as compared to the previous iterations.

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