elden ring reveal cancelled

Elden Ring was announced back at E3 2019, and the collaboration with Games of Throne author George R.R Martin was one of the most talked about things in the industry.

Since then, fans are eagerly waiting for From Software to reveal more information about the game, but to no avail. Several uncorroborated rumors and speculations have been making rounds on the internet, with some event claiming that the game has been canceled. From Software denied such rumors, but it still didn’t reveal anything else about the highly anticipated title.

Elden Ring March Reveal Reportedly Cancelled After Trailer Leak, When Will We Get A Release Date?

Quite recently, in an unfortunate turn of events, the trailer of Elden Ring surfaced online. While the full trailer wasn’t leaked, certain parts of the trailer quickly became viral on social media. The game’s hype quickly skyrocketed again as fans started to believe once again that we are inching closer to a reveal of the game. However, things are seemingly not looking good for Elden Ring fans.

According to Venture Beat journalist Jeff Grub, Elden Ring‘s March reveal has been delayed after the trailer leak. Do note that Jeff was the one who had previously stated that we might get a reveal in March, according to his sources. However, considering how uncertain the video games industry is, he had mentioned that this might change.

This news was again seconded by Lance McDonald, the man popularly known for his Bloodborne 60FPS patch and the Nier Automata Easter Egg, who states that Elden Ring was never supposed to be revealed in March, to begin with. He further states that the people who claimed so are using the leaked trailer as means to justify the delay. This means that we aren’t getting another look at Elden Ring or knowing its release date anytime soon if these leaks are to be believed. It’ll be interesting to see when From Software reveals the game since fans are getting quite impatient already.

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