Fans of FromSoftware games have been going through a torturous drought of news and a complete lack of a release date. Elden Ring, FromSoftware's in-development RPG, was first announced at E3 2019. No major announcements have been made regarding Elden Ring since then. Lacking official news, fans have looked to leaks, and to say the latest Elden Ring leak is major would be an understatement.

A Chinese content creator whose name loosely translates to Ryugasaki Lollipop, dropped a ton of leaked information about Elden Ring via a video on social media. However, the video was since taken down. What they shared has since been shared via secondary reporting. Perhaps the biggest detail revealed in Lollipop's leaks is that Elden Ring is planned to release in 2021. Further, that Elden Ring is much further along in development than the public may realize.

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According to Twitter user Okami of Respawnable news, Lollipop says that Elden Ring is currently in the "polishing stage" of development. That's typically a very late state of game development where the focus is on fixing errors, issues, and optimization, whereas the content aspects of the game are near complete if not finished. Some games spend more time than others polishing, however, so it doesn't necessarily clarify the exact state of development of Elden Ring.

It does, at the very least, hint that Elden Ring could definitely be far enough along to launch in 2021, however. The problem is how trustworthy the idea is. Since all that's been shared of Elden Ring is a cinematic trailer, there's no evidence to show whether the game really could be far into development or not. For all anyone can prove, Elden Ring still could have years left of development. A 2021 launch would mean From Software really is saving its reveals for a big push leading up to launch.

The leak wasn't just the Elden Ring launch window, however. Lollipop's video also shared two new pieces of concept art said to be from Elden Ring. It also claimed that gameplay will be similar to Dark Souls, but it will have a much larger map as well as features like dynamic weather and a day/night cycle.

Lollipop's leak should be considered unreliable until proven otherwise, but the inclusion of the two pieces of monster concept art does lend credence to its truthfulness. It's not like From Software fans needed much of a push to build up hype for Elden Ring, anyway, though. They'll excitedly wait for news, regardless of whether it's arriving soon or not.

Elden Ring is currently in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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