Emotions are part of what makes life interesting — be it joy or sadness, excitement or contentment — every day we are making decisions, as well as describing things, most of the time based on how the world around us makes us feel.

We now want our designs to be a big part of a user’s world, and to do that we need to design products which create an emotional experience. Approaching this task it’s a challenge of its own.

People want to live joyfully. What kind of clothes we wear, what kind of car we parked outside, what kind of phone we have does not determine the quality of our life. How joyful are we feeling within ourselves determines the quality of our life. To be peaceful and joyful means we know how to conduct the quality of our mind, and emotions. It’s the most basic thing.

People nowadays are usually compromising joy.

No matter how beautiful, no matter how cool the interface may be, it would be better if there was less of it. Our eyes translate everything inward. We usually forget and it’s something we take for granted, but are we aware of this? The light is falling upon the things we see, reflecting through our lenses, inverted image in our retina, and transmitted in our brain. Everything we see, we see within ourselves. All emotions happen within us.

Sometimes our emotions or thoughts are out of our control. Everything that we do, fundamental changes are happening within us because we are very much sophisticated and sensitive human beings.

If we never pay attention of our internal being and how we function, we will never fulfil our needs.

We have to let the people feel not impose something that is convenient for the companies. For many years has been followed this strategy, and people obey to consume even things hat is badly offered to them. For example there are still users that use a product only for that one feature that they need even though they know they have to be bothered by tons of ads.

We have to be aware here that the amount of responsibility is huge. We have to direct the stream to the right source. Most of us tent to neglect many things, same as we take many things for granted. But we use what is given to us, that which fulfils our elementary needs. What if we are served something more than that? Or what if we are served something that can increase our potentials rather than fulfilling our basics requirement?

This kind of mindset should be present in all the innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders or all the people that are in the right position and have the right position to take decisions.

Too much of wrapped feelings don’t allow the user to have its own ones. It’s not the purpose of it to force people have specific kind of emotions. It’s supposed to trigger a specific kind of reaction.

It’s not only emotions that human beings have. We are very complicated and the emotions are only part of our being. Our emotions might be gathered information with passing the time, it can be ours but it’s not necessarily us. The whole content of our mind is accumulated depending upon what we are exposed to in our life. So our mind is a heap of impressions. Looking at an individual person, you will do something what works for that person. What you do with this person may not work for another person; you’ll have to do something else with that person. We’re talking about something that it’s not necessarily in our experience as UX Designers, because everyone’s experience is different.

We have to admit that we are knowledgeable ignorant. We don’t always know. But if we see that we don’t know something, the possibility of knowing is always there. If I don’t know and I think I know then I’ve destroyed all the possibilities.

Emotional Design — A big responsibility.

To allow somebody decide whether you have pleasant or unpleasant feelings it’s a huge chance it has been given to us. We have to be aware of this big responsibility and check every single detail.

People give us the possibility to determine what should happen within their mind. We are privileged. Our job has to be so well studied in the single details to give the best possible positive experience. This is an opportunity that we never know how long it will last. Shall we not do the best out of it? People surrender their time, attention, mind, and intellect in using a product or a service.

Isn’t it our duty to make this usage a pleasant and useful experience?