Byron Baes Netflix reality series about 'hot Instagrammers' has locals 'embarrassed and angry'

a close up of a sign: Byron Baes is a 'docu soap' that will air on Netflix.  (Supplied: Netflix) © Provided by ABC NEWS Byron Baes is a 'docu soap' that will air on Netflix.  (Supplied: Netflix)

Netflix has announced it is making a reality series based on the lives of "hot Instagrammers" in Byron Bay, but many locals say they will not be watching.

In a Netflix press release, the series Byron Baes is described as a "docu-soap following a feed of hot Instagrammers living their best lives, being their best selves, creating the best drama content, #nofilter guaranteed."

Executive producer Julian Morgans said he came up with the idea while on holiday in the Byron hinterland with a friend "who's in advertising".

"It was getting dark and I could see all these big mansions in the forest and I thought 'my god this place is changing'," Mr Morgans said.

"It felt like there was this influx of money and power in this place that had been famous for hippies. 

"I've become aware publications like the Daily Mail like stories about Chris Hemsworth and living in Byron as their bread and butter, so I put two and two together and thought 'there should be a show about this'."

Concentration of influencers

Mr Morgans did not reveal who the stars of the series were, but said they were mostly young women.

"These people are using their lifestyles on social media to sell different products and spruik different brands," he said.

"It's a business model that's been around for a while and it's particularly concentrated in Byron Bay."

However, hundreds of locals have lashed out on social media and ABC local radio, saying the concept is not reflective of real life in Byron Bay.

'Horrified, embarrassed and angry'

Long-term local Karen Justice said she was "horrified, embarrassed and angry".

"If you're going to do something about Byron Bay, talk about real Byron Bay people  not people who have come in the last few years wearing their beautiful linen with their gorgeous children and amazing mum bodies," Ms Justice said.

"I haven't met one of these influencers. I've met the real famous people like Hoges [Paul Hogan] and Olivia [Newton-John], but those guys arrive and attempt to blend in and have done a good job at it.

"Our little home town has already been loved, do we really need more attention? Us true locals can soldier on, but I wish these others would bugger off."

Serious issues need addressing

Byron Shire comedian and Greens federal political candidate Mandy Nolan said the bay was not currently an attractive backdrop.

"Byron Bay doesn't need any more vacuous exposure, it needs housing, it needs urgent work on coastal erosion," she said.

"Reality show about influencers? How is that remotely authentic?

"This is just artifice. Byron will be a set." 

Byron Baes Netflix reality series about 'hot Instagrammers' has locals 'embarrassed and angry'