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Ukraine leader says Biden should have met him before Putin summit

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky Monday said US President Joe Biden should have met him before his high-profile summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin as they could resolve nothing on Ukraine without Kiev at the table. In April, Zelensky invited Putin to meet in eastern Ukraine but Putin appeared to shoot down that offer, saying the Ukrainian leader was welcome in Moscow "any time".

Legal woes facing Netanyahu as opposition unseats him

Israel's longtime premier Benjamin Netanyahu has lost power after parliament approved a coalition government opposed to him, raising questions about the next steps in his ongoing corruption trial. - As head of the largest faction that is not part of the new governing coalition, Netanyahu automatically became leader of the opposition on Sunday.

Volcanologists take the pulse of DR Congo's temperamental volcano

The trek up Mount Nyiragongo takes you through fog, wind and ash to a crater -- the brooding mouth from which Africa's most active volcano last month spewed rivers of lava and forced the evacuation of a city. Nyiragongo's eruption on May 22-23 spewed out lava that buried homes in its wake, stopping just short of the northern outskirts of Goma, a city of some 600,000 people.