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UN envoy to make Myanmar diplomatic push

The UN's special envoy for Myanmar is to embark on an Asian tour to step up diplomatic efforts to tackle the crisis, as the death toll from the junta's crackdown on dissent passed 600 on Friday. An ASEAN summit on Myanmar is scheduled for the end of the month, but diplomats say the bloc is deeply divided over the crisis.

Counting under way in tight Samoa election

More than 120,000 voters went to the polls to elect a new government in Samoa Friday, with the long-ruling Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) facing its strongest challenge in nearly forty years. Friday's poll saw complaints that some voters were delayed because of a shortage of buses and insufficient capacity on boats from outlying islands.

The fiery chief of Russia's troubled space programme

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia's troubled space agency Roscosmos, is hardly your typical bureaucrat. Appointed in 2018 as the head of Roscosmos after working as a deputy prime minister -- and before that Russia's ambassador to NATO -- Rogozin is not solely responsible for the setbacks, with many problems dating back long before his arrival.