Listen to the podcast interview with Accepted MBA admissions consultant Esmeralda Cardenal!

I am swamped at this time of year with clients facing early January deadlines so I decided to end 2020 with one of our most popular shows of the year, my interview with Accepted’s own Esmeralda Cardenal.

For you MBA applicants applying during this very tough cycle or planning to apply in the next cycle- take advantage of Esmeralda’s experience, both as an MBA admission director and experienced MBA admission consultant for Accepted. Here are a few of the questions she addresses:

  1. What are your top tips for dealing with a low GPA?

  2. What do you wish applicants did before they come to you for assistance with their applications?

  3. What are some of the differences between applying to a typical MBA program and applying to a Master’s in analytics program?

  4. What can applicants do to learn about a school since they can’t visit now, and fairs or receptions are pretty much nonexistent?

  5. What advice do you have for MBA re-applicants, both as an admissions consultant and former admissions officer?

The interview actually took place last March. It’s also interesting to hear what the concerns were less than a year ago. What’s the same, and what’s changed.

As we put away or throw out our calendars from 2020 and turn to 2021, I also want to share a few thoughts. For most people it’s been a really tough year. Health challenges. Financial pain. Social isolation. Restrictions galore.  Social unrest. A divisive election in the U.S. 

I think most of us will be glad to close the books on 2020. Even though it has shaken our world and maybe our confidence in the future, I hope that AST’s listeners will muster their courage and determination, their positivity and ability, to pick themselves up and plan to create a better year, a better future for themselves and the world. To paraphrase Stanford GSB’s motto “Improve lives. Improve organizations. Improve the world.” 

Again, thank you for listening to the podcast. I wish you much success in this brand new, exciting year ahead.  

Now the interview with Accepted Senior MBA Admissions Consultant, Esmeralda Cardenal. >>

For the complete show notes, check out the original blog post.

Listen to the podcast interview!

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