Project: Caphe is a new coffee brand from the city of Trenggalek, East Java, Indonesia. Initiated by young people who are enthusiastic about coffee and food & beverage, the owner wants this new brand to survive and compete in the crowded coffee market in Indonesia, especially Java. Therefore, a key point is needed to differentiate the value from competitors.

Challenge: The coffee market in Indonesia is currently very bloody, it is difficult to find a differentiator in terms of product, coffee is coffee. Therefore, the owner chooses to compete in the spice coffee market where there are not too many competitors, while competitors in the spice coffee market only take less quality types of coffee as the basic ingredients.

In terms of design, like most brands in Indonesia, business people pay less attention to the design of brand identity. Even so, this is a challenge in itself from the design side as the key to differentiating value from competition.

Solution: This brand needed a name that was simple, concise, and easy to remember. We created the brand name CAPHE, which in Vietnamese means coffee. Of course Caphe needs a visual identity as a marker of his presence.

We chose the word mark as the Caphe logo. Because the name Caphe is short, so we don’t need to give fake symbols and end up obscuring Caphe’s identity.

We chose Opposit as the font for Caphe, this typeface is unique with bold and thin strokes on each character of the letter.

In packaging design, we try to step aside with coffee as the basis for packaging design ideas. Unlike most coffee designs, Ginger Coffee automatically features a ginger illustration, and this is too generic and boring.

We design an illustration of gestures as a sign of satisfaction in enjoying coffee. Apart from being an identity and design on the packaging, this illustration is also an iconography attached to the brand. It’s out of the ordinary, unique, and eye-catching.

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