You know that new Taylor Swift treadmill commercial? Looks like there's a little bit of a sync issue between the time on her phone and the analog clock icon at 0:05.


Hans wrote, "Google News now appears to be adding political commentary to its headline summaries."


"That's a lot of notifications for only one document," writes Philip C.


Mattias wrote, "Go home Steam, you're drunk."


"Initially, I wondered why my package kept bouncing between Asia and North America," writes David D., "When I realized FedEx believed it actually traveled backwards in time 24 hours as it crossed the international date line, it all made sense."


Art writes, "So, if I drive my electric car backwards, does that mean I can save money on my electric bill?"


"The 'Copy text from picture' feature in OneNote is awesome, but sometimes, you'll get unexpected additions," wrote Antonio.


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