Essentials of Computer Architecture, 2nd Edition
Author: Douglas Comer
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1138626591
Pages: 535
Language: English
Size: 51 Mb

This easy to read textbook provides an introduction to computer architecture, while focusing on the essential aspects of hardware that programmers need to know. The topics are explained from a programmer’s point of view, and the text emphasizes consequences for programmers. Divided in five parts, the book covers the basics of digital logic, gates, and data paths, as well as the three primary aspects of architecture: processors, memories, and I/O systems. The book also covers advanced topics of parallelism, pipelining, power and energy, and performance. A hands-on lab is also included. The second edition contains three new chapters as well as changes and updates throughout.


Table of Contents

1 Introduction And Overview

2 Fundamentals Of Digital Logic
3 Data And Program Representation

4 The Variety Of Processors And Computational Engines
5 Processor Types And Instruction Sets
6 Data Paths And Instruction Execution
7 Operand Addressing And Instruction Representation
8 CPUs: Microcode, Protection, And Processor Modes
9 Assembly Languages And Programming Paradigm

10 Memory And Storage
11 Physical Memory And Physical Addressing
12 Caches And Caching