Mantra Coffee is a brand new coffee company that sells exceptional, direct-sourced coffees which are roasted daily and will be sold online. Mantra is crafted with a deep respect for the earth and its patterns, the people and their persistence, the beans and their energy. Mantra aims to bring excellence to each step of the process, every single day, it is about closeness. To the farmer, the field workers, the plants and the process. Once the beans arrive at the roastery, they’re taken to another level.

Veesion partnered with the company to develop and deliver a new brand identity and packaging design that would really reflect the owner’s deeply rooted coffee expertise and the quality of what they do in all things coffee.
Our task was to develop a packaging design, which would be appreciated by the coffee lovers, who understand the sorts and heritages of coffee. The packaging design should tell about all the unique features of the coffee that grew in a natural place.
The logo design reflects the story behind coffee in a simple and modern way. The logo type is created in a geometrical form inspired by coffee bean’s shape.

The brand’s makeover included redesigning their logo and introducing a new packaging design system utilising a more eco-friendly paperboard box made entirely out of recycled materials and inks. Mantra Coffee is all about high quality and an elevated coffee experience, so the logo also captures a bit of the “flying” aspect of Mantra, through its simple elevated coffee icon and clean modern typography. Our art direction for this product photography also takes a no fuss, high quality, coffee done right approach by keeping things simple with a little fun infused. Mantra Coffee uses biodegradable coffee bags to reinforce their position on being organic and environmentally friendly separating themselves from other coffee brands.

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