Players subscribed to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass services will receive access to FIFA 21 at no additional cost next week on Thursday, May 6. Electronic Arts originally teased FIFA 21's EA Play arrival a few weeks ago, upon announcing NHL 21's April 12 addition to the streaming service.

A couple of other heavy-hitters have joined the program in recent months, too. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order entered the mix back in November 2020, for instance. Madden NFL 21 joined the EA Play library in March, as did space combat game Star Wars: Squadrons. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have gotten to take advantage of every one of these additions, too, courtesy of EA Play's bundling with the Game Pass Ultimate membership. Better still, the combined offer allows Ultimate subscribers to make the most of all benefits afforded to EA Play subscribers, including discounts on EA digital purchases and free trials on the publisher's new releases. A certain sports title will soon sweeten the deal.

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In a post on the official EA Sports website, Electronic Arts revealed that FIFA 21 joins the EA Play collection next week on May 6. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can, of course, expect to enjoy this new addition, as well.  The sports title's arrival will come with a set of exclusive in-game rewards and challenges, such as FIFA Ultimate Team kits and VOLTA FOOTBALL gear. Another bonus includes a Season XP boost for the start of each season in FIFA Ultimate Team, which should prove beneficial for those looking to reach level 30 rewards at a quicker pace.

FIFA 21 hit store shelves last year and continues to sell like hotcakes. However, the annualized brand has faced quite a few controversies over the past several months, too. One scandal in particular concerns accusations that an EA employee sold FIFA Ultimate Team player cards to users online. FUT also sits at the center of a leak that suggests the publisher actively tries incentivizing its players to spend money on microtransactions. EA has since denied the claims.

It shouldn't be long before the publisher is ready to talk shop about FIFA 22 and its fall slate of releases, which will include the long-awaited reveal of Battlefield 6. News about the next Madden and NHL entries is also bound to begin rolling out in the months ahead.

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FIFA 21 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms; the sports title joins EA Play and Xbox Game Pass on May 6.

Source: Electronic Arts