Final Fantasy has been a staple for many gamers since its first instalment in the 80s so it’s not hard to see why its community is one of the biggest and one of the most creative in the gaming universe.

Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy VII Remake shipped over 5 million copies worldwide, digitally and physically, since its launch on April 10, 2020, and also saw that nearly half of its players saw the game through to the end, despite it being pretty lengthy. 

Final Fantasy is also widely known for its amazing cosplayers who love to rock out as their favourite characters from the franchise. With many people doing a fantastic job at looking the part of the character they are cosplaying as, very few actually look almost identical as this next Final Fantasy fan does.

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Real Life Tifa Lockhart

Cosplayer Hyoon absolutely kills this Final Fantasy get-up not only because she actually looks like Tifa Lockhart, a member of the resistance group Avalanche, but check out her combat-inspired costume, too.

Hyoon nails Tifa’s outfit with a white sports top that hides a black under-layer giving off the perfect athletic vibes. Of course, this Tifa Lockhart costume wouldn’t be complete without her leather braces and her extremely short skirt that never gets in the way of her combat skills.

In another image, Hyoon showcases another angle to the look where she dons Tifa’s black elbow-length gloves encrusted with straps and buckles that makes her look ready to take on any fight thrown at her.

With over 5.7k upvotes on Reddit and over 95k likes on Instagram, it’s safe to say that people are really digging this particular cosplay of Hyoon’s and it’s easy to see why.

Fancy giving her a follow or seeing what she’s up to next? Then head on over to Hyoon’s Instagram.

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