“I’ve learned how to smile even when I’m feeling sad” — Yuna

The Final Fantasy franchise is truly a well-oiled machine that sees no signs of stopping anytime soon. The first game in the series was released in 1987 and since then, it branched into other video game genres such as MMORP, racing, CGI films, anime, manga, and of course, cosplay.

Cosplayers flock to Final Fantasy to showcase their take on the game’s many characters. It’s probably one of the biggest fandoms within the game industry and we just love to show off their dedication and talents on DualShockers.

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Gunner Yuna Cosplay

For those who aren’t too sure who Yuna is, allow me to give you a short run-down. Yuna is a playable character in Final Fantasy X and also the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X-2.

The daughter of High Summoner Lord Braska, Yuna starts her life as a summoner just like her father and begins a pilgrimage to expel Sin, a hideous monster that rains terror onto the world of Spira, the game’s setting.

Taking on the role of Yuna is a fabulous cosplay called Marionette who has taken to Reddit to exhibit her new look. Although, you’d actually believe that this photo could be a CGI render from the game it’s that good.

Wearing Yuna’s shoulder-length hair, trademark lock of hair woven into blue beads and her Gunner dressphere, an outfit given to her by Rikku in Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm, Marionette takes on the very soul of the character.

Marionetta discusses in the Reddit comment section that she may take on Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI next. Replying to a Reddit user about how well the photo shoot turned out, Marionetta replied ” Thank you! the original photo was already really nice, but the photographer put in the extra work to make it looks more like one of the game’s renders!”

You can find out what Marionetta does next by heading over to her Reddit page where you’ll find her Guildmarm Sophia from Monster Hunter and many more.

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