Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be subject to balance changes as part of a new update.

Developer Ateam has been listening to player feedback, promising that improvements are on the way next week with a provisional release date of December 13, 2021.

This isn’t to be confused with Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier update 1.0.2 which recently dropped, adding new features and making various bug fixes. Here’s more on what to expect next week:

  • Adjustment to the Chocobo kick
  • Adjustment to the power of sniper rifles
  • Adjustments to certain Materia
  • Adjustments to certain monsters

We are also working on other balance changes, bug fixes, and adjustments to character movement. We will be issuing regular updates regarding progress, so please make sure to check back here regularly for the latest info.

Those playing First Soldier can now dive into its first ever Holiday Event. From now until December 28. 2021, players can take on festive themed missions while patrolling the battlefield. You’ll be tasked with decorating trees around the map in order to receive secret boxes stuffed with gifts. These include a range of wintery cosmetic items with other gear and skins being sold on the in-game marketplace.

Announced earlier this year alongside another Final Fantasy VII title for mobile, The First Soldier didn’t get the warmest reception among fans. So soon after 2020’s superb Final Fantasy VII Remake, there were concerns that FF7 fatigue could set in prematurely as Square Enix continues to lean on the nostalgia of fans.

With that said, Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier holds up remarkably well. In a world where so many battle royale shooters have appeared only to vanish months later, Square’s punt at the genre is both fun and innovative. It makes use of assets and locations from FF7 Remake, forging them together to create a patchwork battleground in which players let loose spells and a hail of bullets.

Source: Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier