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Florida Virtual school login portal ( FLVS Login ). FLVS Sign up Flex and FLVS full-time & Driver ED programs Online. Flvs flex Parent/Guardian Account login

E-learning is the new trend in education systems today. This education system has been embraced by many students and parents in the world today. Institutions offering online students are accredited by the state government to provide genuine certification. The best part about online learning they are flexible, one can take classes whenever they want. Today we focus on one of the best e-learning institutions in Florida, the US Florida virtual school (FLVS).

Florida Virtual school login

The school was launched in the year 1997 as the key leader in providing the cybernetic K-12 education. FLVS started the system for the Florida students and then expanded to accommodate students all over the world. Over the years, FLVS has received numerous awards on virtual learning. It was the first in the country to have an internet-based learning system. The public high school provides and develops study needs for the K-12 grade students.

The school has gained a positive reputation and offers more than 190 different courses. Today students in both public and private schools can access the FLVS course to boost their studies. Students don’t have to schedule for classes but can choose when to start and end lessons.

FLVS Login

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flvs login

Florida Virtual school Online learning community

The school has developed a new online system to help support educators, parents, and schools. FLVS influences all the surrounding schools in Florida and also the whole country to establish online studies. In recent years the school has served more than 215,505 students and reported the successful completion of the courses.

Why choose FLVS?

The FLVS gives a reason to love school, the engaging courses and professional tutors add the feeling of acceptance no matter the grade. The school has 24/7 online interactive and engaging sessions with the students. The school works with students all over the world, offering school programs that give critical concepts in every lesson. FLVS has qualified and certified teachers who are very engaging and support students in every field. Students in every grade, elementary, middle, and high school, have equal chances to interact with teachers anytime.  The school has both flexible and full-time options; they can either have online classes or have one–on–one school experience.

FLVS Flex and FLVS full-time programs.

The FLVS school administration sought ways to reach each child individually with the best interest of every child at heart. They check on ways to enhance talent and learning in every student according to their pace and learning style.  The school initiated a program to check whether the online curriculum could meet the student’s needs. The system had to involve the practical part and the theory part, which would give fruitful results. The school introduced the FLVS full time and the FLVS flex programs. The two systems offer the same quality of education but have a slight difference.

FLVS flex Login

What is flvs flex?

The florida virtual school flex program runs round the years where students can enroll and start and finish any time of the year. Students, either in public, private, or home school, can choose a variety of courses throughout the year. Home school pupils can do online programs that are flexible and reliable. The system accommodates scholars with any medical issues, those who need extra tuitions, and anyone who needs to study ahead.  In the program, students have the chance to work at higher speed and also take few courses which will fit in the given time. They have the opportunity to make their schedule and finish the course fast and take other classes. The teachers work from 8 am to 8 pm throughout the week beside on Saturday and Sunday.

The home scholars don’t take the state standardized test online. They can register in the Florida public school and take the test for certification. They need to contact the home education office; the online program doesn’t offer the high school diploma. However, they can get the home school affidavit to show successful completion of the course. Flvs flex login

FLVS Full Time

The full-time classes run like any regular school program except that the students are still working from home. The system starts from August to May, just like the traditional school. They have to take six courses within the study duration. The qualified teachers are available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, this being the normal working hours or a regular school. Here the programs are more structured compared to the flex classes.

Students in the full-time program take a course per week to go in line with regular traditional schools. The advantage of the program it offers regular, honors, and advanced placement is dual matriculation courses with the Polk state college. Note the students in this program have to take state standardized tests and have their state high school diploma. They can also participate in the senior year graduation ceremony if they happen to fulfill the requirements.


FLVS Flex (Grades K-12) signup
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FLVS Student Sign up registration process for grade k-5

  1. Visit the official FLVS website page and select the “enroll “tab.
  2. The enroll page will open, click on the K-5 enrollment.
  3. For parents with existing accounts, they need to click “returning student.” For the new applicant, click on the “new student” tab.
  4. The system will require student details and information about the course.
  5. The child school type
  6. The county
  7. Your child’s school name.
  8. Courses select the add course button to proceed.
  9. Now give the start date and review the courses selected for both semesters. If satisfied, click on the save and continue button.
  10. Proceed to sign media and directory, to sign in select the save and continue. For signing out, option choose given options the save and keep.
  11. Click on the “I agree text box for the terms and conditions offered by the school.
  12. Proceed with and fill all options given appropriately.
  13. After filling all detail, the parent’s needs to give their details. Verify all the parent and student details before any submission.
  14. Now click on the submit button if you need to add another follow the same procedure and then send the details.
  15. The registration process is done. A success message will be sent. However, all the details have to be approved by the system before the success notification is sent.

The same process applies for the grades 6-12. They have to give the whether its high school or middle school option then follow the above process. The system will approve the courses, and personal details then provide a thank message for enrolling.  Parents have to be careful of the details entered. Provide accurate information to avoid disqualification. The FLVS website is always open for any enquires and applications.

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