Anouk Griffioen’s charcoal drawings reveal alluring dark images of densely patterned flora, fauna and shifting shadows, where the figure emerges out of the background and the background simultaneously seeps into the figure.

Griffioen’s images merge a precise realism with a lighter rendering that reminds the viewer of the skill behind the work. The drawings allow the viewer to invest an emotion of quiet curiosity in the Netherland artist’s compelling imagination.

Griffioen explains her philosophy: “I believe that the more specific and more personal I make my work, the more universal it gets.” Though she refers to her work as a diary, the non-explicit nature of her images allow the viewer to create their own narrative.

Griffioen is now working toward funding a book of her drawings, titled ‘A Definition of Black,’ through Kickstarter.

no-title-270-x-160-cm-charcoal-on-cotton-2013 photo-main