Fortnite Flash Cup Leak

Two things are perpetually true when it comes to Fortnite. First off, the game will only grow more as time goes on. But secondly, and most importantly, everyone eventually ends up in Fortnite. That goes double for any character that wears a mask or capeFortnite has added every comic book superhero and villain, from Thanos to Wolverine, and it doesn’t seem like it’s done yet. A recent leak has revealed a new Flash Cup for Fortnite that should let players play as Barry Allen’s alter ego.

So far, the Fortnite Flash Cup leak has been lacking in information. However, we do know when the event will officially be revealed and how many players will be able to play in a game. According to Fortnite news account HYPEX on Twitter, the Fortnite Flash Cup will be revealed on February 10 and allow maximum party sizes of just two players.

It’s also not clear what changes the cup will make to the game. Previous character-based events have added new mechanics to the massively-popular battle royale. Recently, the game introduced bounties for an event that added a Mandolorean skin to the game. However, considering that it’s an event for the Flash, speed has to play some kind of factor. The most exciting mode I can think of is one that gives every competitor super-speed and a high powered shotgun. Players would have to run and gun past each other, like a battle royale version of Quake. We’ll see how the game mode actually turns out on February 10.

Reactions to the Fortnite Flash Cup leak online have been mixed. Some users have shown excitement for the addition of Flash, saying that the skin players will get appears to be high quality. However, other players have seemingly been burned out by the influx of superhero-themed costumes. For those players, new skins for Marvel and DC superheroes just aren’t cutting it anymore.

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