You came here to download free dashboard templates, but do you know why they are so useful?

A dashboard helps a business owner to assess the current status of his business.  From current website views to financial data, the dashboard will present insights in graphic form.

Your admin dashboard template will assist you with sales, client relationships, financial management, and project management, communicating with staff and improving the efficiency of your business.  If you work online, you will understand the importance of having a great webpage dashboard in order to assist you with your work.

So how do you go about creating your admin templates?  Where should you start?  Importantly, don’t waste time trying to create a website dashboard of your own.  You can find a free dashboard online, which will save you both time and money.

Once you’ve found a bootstrap simple admin template, all you’ll need to do is customize it.

Free dashboard templates


robust-admin-templates-700x393 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Robust is an elegant bootstrap dashboard which is laid out as two different columns.  On the left side, you can find visual navigation tools, while the right gives you information on the latest site analytics.  This analytics tool can show you the number of visitors to your site, your sales, to do list, current sales and much, much more.

Matrix Admin

matrix-admin-ws-700x525 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Matrix Admin is an efficient program created by wrappixel.  This is one of the best dashboards if you are going for a minimalist design.  This is a lightweight dashboard which will save you time while operating efficiently.  It is a flat design bootstrap dashboard backed by HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, media queries and flat design.


janux600-700x438 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

If you are searching for a free admin template, Janux is an excellent choice. This template has HTML5, CSS3 and a Bootstrap 3.1 framework.  The admin dashboard uses excellent web applications including CMS, CRM, SASS, eCommercebackends and more.

If you have experience with such a great tool, you’ll be able to use the free dashboard to improve your E-Commerce site, blog or online portfolio.

Monster Admin

monster-admin-lite-ws-700x525 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Monster Admin is a great free dashboard with an attractive appearance.  This tool is simple and intuitive, and can be used on different devices, including your mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet.  This webpage dashboard has graphs to assist you with absorbing complex data at a glance.

Monster Admin is particularly helpful for E-Commerce sites, where you can monitor your site views, track your sales and respond to comments.  This webpage template offers forms, graphs, charts, panels and other essential elements for running and understanding your business.

SB Admin

sb-admin-700x420 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

If you have an E-Commerce team, SB Admin is the web dashboard for you.  This dashboard template will enable you to manage your administration by providing easily understandable information via charts, tables, grids, dropdown menus and forms. This dashboard has a simple user interface which is easy to understand.  The dashboard is a jQuery plug-in.

E Admin

edmin-700x372 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Eadmin is also a jQuery plug-in and is an excellent web dashboard. Easy to adapt to your own custom needs, this is a template which will make business appear fun.  This dashboard uses HTML code, CSS, great typography chat options, tables and forms, and easy navigation.

Core UI

core-ui-700x467 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Core UI is an excellent download dashboard for business and personal users alike.  This dashboard is completely free, and is highly responsive, which means you can use it on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone with ease.

If you are selling products online, this is a great dashboard for monitoring customer interactions. It is also simple to install which makes it one of the great free dashboard choices for you to choose from.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular2

light-bootstrap-dashboard-700x525 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

If you’re looking for a free bootstrap admin template, this is an excellent choice.  This dashboard web design is highly responsive, making it a great choice if you are running your business from your mobile phone.  You can add Google fonts, font awesome, smooth scrolling, a data table and a chats plug-in for an attractive user interface.

Material Dashboard

material-dashboard-700x525 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This great html5 dashboard has a great admin section with an aesthetic appearance.  This dashboard has an excellent design, with easy to follow charts and tables, panels and calendars.  There are 15 pages that can be used to monitor your business events, happenings and needs.


klorofil-700x374 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Another html5 dashboard template is Klorofil.  This is a great site which will present your data quickly and efficiently.  Klorofil is simple and easy to use, and will give you the option to install buttons, bars, graphs and tables.

The template is highly responsive and therefore a great choice for anyone who runs their business through a mobile phone or tablet.  The UI is created in a flat style which presents a range of professional options for managing your business.

Admin LTE

adminlte-700x408 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This free bootstrap admin template is open sourced.  The design has a range of modern features to assist you with running your business efficiently and it was built using HTML5 and CSS codes. It is highly responsive, adjusting to small screens as efficiently as a desktop.  This admin page template is bootstrap driven.

Admin BSB Material Design

AdminBSBMaterialDesign-700x447 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This free bootstrap admin template offers a beautiful dashboard which has a wide range of features.  The template includes 17 different themes, including inbox and timeline pages.  In addition, BSB material design is quick and efficient to use, creating a rewarding user experience.  This is because it has a new admin layout combined with metro chats at its core.


blur-admin2-700x400 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Blur-Admin is responsive admin template which comes free from BootstrapTaste.  This beautiful dashboard was designed for the web development community and is a powerful open source template option which is easy to use.

Material Admin

admin-template-700x518 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This user dashboard design comes with great plugins, a bootstrap 3.3.4 framework, smooth scrolling, charts and data tables.  There is a great font selection as well as a collapsible side bar.  This modern dashboard design is completely responsive and great for use on multiple devices.


novus_admin_panel-700x445 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Github is a great source for programmers or developers to search for open source designs.  This includes a great html admin template.  Novus is a bootstrap admin theme free for both business and personal use.

This template has a great login page, sign up, a full calendar, stats, and form plugins and data tables amongst other great features.  It has an html5 editor and WISIWYG.  The modern UI is easy to use.

Paper Dashboard

paper-dashboard-angular-700x525 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Paper Dashboard is a great bootstrap admin theme available from Github.  As an open source design, this free admin template is freely available and has a great dashboard web design.  The many attractive features make this a great choice for business use.  With calendar, stats, tables and an excellent user interface, this is one of the excellent website dashboard designs.


Adminator-admin-dashboard-700x569 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

As one of the best free dashboard tools available online, Adminator offers a premium product.  This is one of the best website dashboard designs available.  There are many attractive features, such as animated icons, chat and maps, calendars and charts.

The user interface is efficient, intuitive and well designed.  Adminator offers a beautiful dashboard with extras which are unexpected even in top of the range products.  All in all, a great choice for your business or for personal use.


gentelella-700x509 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This dashboard design template is highly professional, and offers you great features which will help while running a business.  The design is heavy on text, but still visual, with texts and icons being used in excellent proportion.

This is a modern dashboard with stats, insight into recent activities and a list of tasks alongside a completion list.  Graphs, tables, forms, layouts and a collapsible menu all form a part of this dashboard template.

Running a business has never been so easy with this great template.  You’ll be able to see where to focus your attention, what has been achieved, and how your clients are interacting with your site.


metis-700x468 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Metis is a simple dashboard which still offers you all that you need to run your business effectively.  This is because it contains all of the features you need to work well.  The style switcher available with this product gives you the opportunity to re-design the template, highlighting the background or foreground colors.

You’ll have nine different colors to choose from, and you can easily redesign the colors of your template, should you feel like a change.

Features include maps, charts, and an excellent User Interface which will give you insight into your business.  A great choice from a range of free dashboards.

ANTD Admin

antd-admin-700x559 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This is another great dashboard design template with premium features.  One of the great free dashboards available. ANTD Admin offers ultra modern aesthetics, trendy colors and a clean and simple look.  Although great for business use, this is an excellent site for E-commerce use.  Features can be customised, and are great for trading as an online store.

This site was built with Java Script, and has great interactive features.  The overall aesthetics are neat and easy to understand.  You can select from a small choice of charts, but like many free downloads, these features are limited.

Vali Admin

vali-admin-700x394 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This simple dashboard gives you everything you need in a clear and easy to understand format.  The design takes a minimalist approach, so that you only see what you need on your screen.  Only a small amount of data is shown at the screen, and blocks are therefore limited.

Each block is large and easily legible. Stats are easy to read, and all you’ll need to do is hover over the charts in order to gain full access to information.  If animated charts don’t appeal, you can make changes via code.  Features include cards, bootstrap elements, tables, forms and widgets.


vuestic-admin-700x609 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This is a great panel template built from Vuejs.  Vuejs has an excellent reputation amongst developers, who appreciate the flexibility.  The same is true with the Vuestic free online dashboard, which is simple, well designed and easy to use.  Drop shadows help important features stand out, while the overall aesthetic is clean and easy to understand.

This is a great event website template, showing the stats of viewers who engage, profile information, commitments and user signups.  This is a website dashboard which can be easily customised towards your needs.

Overall, this is beautiful dashboard which has all the features you need.


lumino-admin-bootstrap-template-700x453 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Lumino is an excellent online dashboard which is freely available to download.  You can make a choice between a premium product and the free version for this dashboard.  The two dashboard design templates have different features, and it is worth making a selection based on what you need.

The premium version has a range of charts, color schemes and pagination.  The free version has a limited range of features by comparison and cannot be customised.

Lumino is a great, aesthetic dashboard which is easy to use, attractive, and legible and has a great user interface.  Big blocks keep this dashboard easy to digest.  However, as the blocks are large, it does mean that it is impossible to install too many at once.

You can, however, add a to do list, and use the dashboard to chat with users.  The premium version will give you a great selection of features, but these are somewhat limited in the free version.

Bootstrap 4

bootstrap-4-admin-dashboard-template-700x453 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This great bootstrap dashboard comes with a premium and a free version.  Like Lumino above, the pro version gives you a range of additional features.  With the pro version, you are able to create custom coloring on your dashboard.  You are also getting a range of excellent features including a range of different charts.

This dashboard uses the latest version of bootstrap; it is incredibly up to date, with every modern web element available with the template.  The user interface is intuitive and you can easily customise it to meet your business needs.

This is one of the best dashboards for adding any element you want as there is a great amount of space available.  This means you can see your profile, calendar, to do list, charts and timelines at a glance.  This is a great set up for site editors who have a number of different writers or articles to manage and review.  An excellent webpage dashboard.

Modern Admin Panel

modern-admin-panel-700x445 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

As the name implies, this is one of the modern dashboards available online.  This is an excellent dashboard for those who offer services or goods online.  You can custom design your dashboard, adding all the elements or charts you need.  It’s also a dashboard which is very easy to navigate, allowing you to access the chat and profile icons with ease.

You will also be shown any notifications via your dashboard.  There is a minimal amount of animation within this dashboard, but each animated element is accessed by hovering over a chart or feature, and is informative to the user.

Easy Admin Panel

easy-admin-panel-flat-bootstrap-700x445 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This is a great free admin dashboard has a grid style, which arranges all the features you need in an easily accessible format.  This web dashboard is arranged to give you notifications, emails, a task manager and the number of followers you have on social media.

Different features are arranged in different colors, to give a quick overview of user needs. This dashboard will give you access to your to do lists as well as chat options.  You’ll also be given the elements you need to customise your dashboard template.


keen-dashboard-700x425 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

Keen is not simply an admin dashboard template. Instead, it comes with a range of different developer codes.  You will be given four different admin templates, each with a different purpose, so that you can select the best option for your business needs.

Keen is a starter pack, which means you don’t get sophisticated features such as animated charts or sophisticated designs. However, you can custom create your dashboard, learn about the different elements available and combine the functions you need onto your template. Keen is one of the best dashboards for new users.

Metro Panel

metro-panel-700x445 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

This is one of the web dashboards which come in flat design.  It is easy to digest information quickly as the dashboard will give you information in large content blocks and bold, easy to read text.  You’ll be able to access any information you need from the full screen design.

One of the unique features of the panel template is the ability to dismiss each different card on the dashboard.  This means that once you have worked with a block or element, you can simply close it.  This gives you the chance to concentrate on information you need without distraction.

The dashboard comes with the default features of charts, a to do list, stats on your site performance, blog options and a calendar.  This is a simple dashboard option, however, and comes with a limited number of features.  A simple dashboard which enables you to limit the information available to you at any one time.

Dashboard Page

Dashboard-Page-700x416 Free dashboard templates to download and use for a web app

A website dashboard template which comes in dark format, this makes a great choice for those who love dark themes.  You can, however, only use this dashboard as an inspiration for your own templates.  Charts are not fully operational, and you cannot use the hover effect on your template to access information about your site.

Coding has been created by the developer Icebob, and you can use these codes to develop your own website template from scratch.  If you are clued up on how to create an excellent admin template, this may be the choice for you.

Ending thoughts on these free dashboard templates

This list of website dashboard has been compiled so that you can explore the choices available to you, the features offered and how each dashboard will suit your individual needs.  As you can see, some dashboards are designed to be suitable for a specific type of business, and some are highly responsive, and therefore suitable for those who make frequent use of mobile phones or tablets.

When selecting a dashboard, consider the features you need and how each will best suit your business requirements.  If you are looking for a simple dashboard which is easy to digest at a glance, you’ll make a different choice to a person searching for highly sophisticated options.  You can also explore how modern your dashboard is.

Another choice worth considering is whether you’re interested in the free or more basic dashboard versions, or whether it is time to move on to the pro version, which comes with a range of different choices and highly sophisticated features.

We hope that this guide gives you insight into how to choose a dashboard which meets all of your individual or business needs, and the choices, features and template designs freely available online at the moment.  Best of luck with your website dashboard search.

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