Shattered Trident by Larry Bond is a submarine-centered, military thriller set in the not-too-distant future (available May 7, 2013).

China is the new Russia, a writer’s go-to country for worldwide threats. Larry Bond’s latest SUBNOV, Shattered Trident, highlights this status with an intriguing, plausible, premise:  the Chinese take over various long-disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea to secure their vast oil reserves and rich fishing grounds, and control all-important shipping lanes.

The year is 2016. China’s economy appears healthy, yet party leaders cannot keep its significant flaws hidden for long while their economy slows. The Trident Operation also signals their navy’s transformation from a coastline defense fleet to a true blue-water power in the Asian Pacific.

Their first act of aggression is to torpedo a tanker that supposedly carries coal bound for Japan. The hit generates a massive explosion. Witnessing the attack is the American sub North Dakota commanded by Jerry Mitchell, who recognizes an act of war though he has no idea who the players are. A respected blogger on maritime issues from Nova Scotia catches wind of the event and calls on his readers to share what they might know about the deliberate sinking.

[Nothing peaceable about the Pacific...]

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