This dad was sick of having Instagram take his family picture down, so he did something about it.

Paul Costello, a New Orleans photographer, loves taking pictures of his family. But when he posted a this picture on Instagram, it was taken down.


The photo showed his wife and kids during their vacation in Utah. One of his kids, Edmond, was nude and not facing the camera while holding his mother’s hand.

“My son went through a naked phase when he was younger, and it was a sweet moment in our family,” the photographer said. He didn’t hesitate to post the photo on Instagram because his followers were mostly his friends and family.

He initially posted the photo two years ago, and he never found out why it was flagged. But he found the photo again just recently, so he decided to re-post it.

Thanks for keeping us safe

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But the photo was taken down again, and Instagram sent him a message saying he violated the Community Guidelines. On Monday, he tried again but this time by concealing his son’s posterior. But by the following morning, Instagram had taken down the photo. So the frustrated father re-posted the original image, but this time with Kim Kardashian’s butt covering his son’s butt.

“That one lasted four hours,” says Costello. “I discovered it was deleted right before jumping on a plane to New York, so I spent the flight working on a new composite.”

He replaced all his family members in the picture with pictures of nude celebrities.

“My family photo has now been removed 4 times, even after sincere efforts to conform to the community standards of Instagram,” wrote Costello on his page. “I must confess I might be unclear as to what these standards are. Perhaps [my son’s] butt wasn’t the issue? To be completely safe I’m trying one last time… replacing my entire family with top Instagram influencers. Surely this will finally be in compliance.”

The father said that he’s against Instagram’s hypocritical policy. He stated that celebrities even post scantily clad pictures of himself, which threaten the platform’s rules.

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