The broad acceptance and use of this book as one of the leading introductory computer graphics texts has enabled the original author and coauthors to update the chapters and contribute new material involving the most knowledgeable experts in different areas while maintaining a unified approach. This edition of "Fundamentals of Computer Graphics" adds four new contributed chapters and contains substantial reorganizations and improvements to the core material. The new chapters add coverage of implicit modeling and of two important graphics applications: games and information visualization. The fourth new contributed chapter is a major upgrade to the material on color science. As with the chapters added in the second edition, we have chosen the contributors both for their expertise and for their clear way of expressing ideas.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Miscellaneous Math
3. Raster Images
4. Ray Tracing
5. Linear Algebra
6. Transformation Matrices
7. Viewing
8. The Graphics Pipeline
9. Signal Processing
10. Surface Shading
11. Texture Mapping
12. Data Structures for Graphics
13. More Ray Tracing
14. Sampling
15. Curves
16. Implicit Modeling
17. Computer Animation
18. Using Graphics Hardware
19. Building Interactive Graphics Applications
20. Light
21. Color
22. Visual Perception
23. Tone Reproduction
24. Global Illumination
25. Reflection Models
26. Computer Graphics in Games
27. Visualization
28. Spatial-Field Visualization