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Which of these is a natural area of roughly 16 square km (6.2 squ miles), which is 5 km (3.1 miles) west of Tuktoyaktuk, Canada, in a coastal region of the Arctic Ocean, which contains approximately 1,350 Arctic ice dome hills?
1. Pingo National Landmark
2. Kluane National Park and Reserve
3. Prince Albert National Park
4. Pukaskwa National Park

Which German-born composer became a naturalised Englishman, wrote 30 operas in the 18th century, and is more famous now for his oratorios such as "The Messiah"?
1. Franz Joseph Haydn
2. George Handel
3. Gustav Holst
4. Ludwig van Beethoven

In 2009, Michael Perham, at the age of 17 years and 164 days, became the youngest person to do what?
1. Win a Wimbledon title
2. Climb Mount Everest
3. Sail solo around the world
4. Captain a soccer team in the UK's Premier Division

Barolo, Cava, Colombard and Gamay are varieties of what?
1. Cabbage
2. Vine beetle
3. Wine, or wine grape
4. Vine-growing soil

Which is an example of a black dwarf in our galaxy?
1. Ursa Major-B
2. A black hole
3. Sirius-B
4. None, so far it is a theoretical construct

Which of these is a popular book by J M Barrie?
1. Death on the Nile
2. Peter Pan
3. Lord Jim
4. High Noon at Denver

After sporadic visits by European explorers and merchants from the 17th century onwards, the eastern half of which continent was claimed by the British in 1770, and officially settled as a penal colony on 26 January 1788?
1. Asia
2. Australia
3. North America
4. South America

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