What You’ll Do:

  • Work in a small team to brainstorm, design, prototype, plan, execute, and ship out our latest and greatest features.
  • Own a feature within Esper.
  • Own release and QA cycles of your code.
  • Be able to quickly identify a problem, and debug someone else’s code, if need be.

What You’ll Bring:

  • BS in computer science or equivalent work experience.
  • Strong functional and objective-oriented programming and debugging skills.
  • Experience developing native mobile apps is preferred (Java or Obj-C), but not required

Working With Us:

  • We’re a startup. Startups, by their nature, are based on speed and effort. You will not have a “typical” job - no 9 to 5, no stupid meetings, no layers, and no TPS reports. Our team works hard. But if you enjoy your work, team trips, and great food, it’s not really work.
  • We’re a proud functional programming (i.e. OCaml) company, but we also use javascript, java, and Obj-C when necessary.
  • We are inquisitive. Outwardly, we are engineers, designers, and product people. Inwardly, we could be airplane designers, mountain climbers, renowned singers, power cyclists, or any number of extraordinary beings.
  • We believe healthy people work better. Esper has standing desks, team hikes, healthy snacks (nuts will make you live longer), and discussions about circadian rhythm, to name a few. We are always updating our workplace to create a healthy environment. Like other startups, we work long hours, cater lunch/dinner, but we make sure to have flexibility for employees and provide full healthcare, vision and dental coverage.

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