E3 isn’t officially kicked off just yet, but Thursday’s Summer Games Fest brought lots of gaming news with it, including a George R.R. Martin project that had fans talking. Elden Ring finally got a trailer on Thursday, along with a January 2022 release date that had fans talking about the From Software project.

But while a new title from the makers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne looks intriguing as ever, those more concerned with the going-ons in Westeros had a lot to say about the author of the Song of Ice and Fire series doing more work outside of the Thrones universe. Though Elden Ring got plenty of traction on Thursday, it was Martin’s name that trended on Twitter as fans reacted and made jokes about the long-awaited next installment in Martin’s fantasy epic.

We already saw the Game of Thrones TV series surpass the plot of the last book, which was published in July of 2011. Martin is apparently hard at work on that next book, though he’s blown past a number of self-imposed deadlines and given scant details outside of some blog posts every now and again.

Which is why news that his Elden Ring will see the light of day in a few months made for a lot of jokes about the book many people are desperate for him to finish.

As some writers pointed out, maybe Martin not saying much about the project is actually a good thing.

Honestly, some could get why he’s dragging his feet a bit.

Martin said in the summer of 2020 that he’s living a “very boring” life in exile trying to finish The Winds of Winter, but so far we’ve seen no pages from the notoriously slow writer. And any news about work that isn’t that book is going to irk fans, even if that work looks like something they’d very much want to play on PC or console.