On this episode of Inside Unreal, our Technical Artist and UK Evangelist Arran Langmead will explore the procedural mesh component and how it can be used to build art tools in the engine. He'll demonstrate an example of this with a stylized tree generator that uses a mixture of splines and random mesh generation to create foliage elements. These elements can be snapped onto one another to create fully animated trees and foliage assets.


00:00 Intro
01:14 Demonstration breakdown
02:00 Use cases
03:00 Geometry blueprint
17:00 Plugin
18:13 Increasing max loop count
18:43 Project component breakdown
26:50 Component blueprints
36:30 Benefits of use case
40:31 Benefits of Procedural Mesh Component
42:21 Performance impact
44:13 LODs
45:53 Duplicated Vertices
48:30 Component to static mesh for large scale uses
50:00 Base code concerning components
51:08 Materials & textures
1:08:23 Export workflow
1:06:34 Using Quixel Mixer in use case
1:07:20 Evangelism Overview
1:13:04 How to use the project file & plugin
1:18:57 Future use cases of this tool & plugin
1:20:10 Blockout use cases
1:20:45 Stream wrap-up