Every mom needs to know they're loved and appreciated. While you may tell the moms or mother figures in your life how much you care about them on a regular basis — with thoughtful text messages, surprise treats from Starbucks, and even long hugs — a physical present can go a long way. Not only is it hand-picked for them, but it can also spark joy long after the wrapping paper has been torn. These special gifts for all the moms in your life are a great place to start your shopping, no matter which mama you're celebrating or the particular occasion.

Acknowledging a mom-to-be who's expecting a baby any minute now, your fun-loving grandmother, or even your BFF who's a dedicated dog mom should be a memorable experience for all parties. Each of them works tirelessly to keep their loved ones happy, supported, and healthy. You may find them waking up at 6 a.m. to grab a leash and go for a walk with their adorable golden retriever, or moving around their schedule so they can help you with math homework. On any given day, they might cook a tasty meal for you to eat after a tiring day at work, or give you advice on your new crush or flakey friend. These gifts for every kind of mom act as reminders that their efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

In their own way, these presents say, "Hi! You rock. Thank you for all you do," so you can simply shop them and wrap them up in a nice bow. You could also write out a card and attach it to one of these gift ideas for all the moms in your life. Whichever route you take, just remember: You can celebrate mom any day of the year — it doesn't matter if it's Mother's Day, their birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas, or a random Tuesday. Showing them how much you truly care is the greatest gift they could ever receive.

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Gifts For Moms-To-Be

Babyprints Color Keepsake

Babies grow up fast. In the blink of an eye, their little hands are no longer just big enough to wrap around the tip of your finger — they're big enough to clasp your whole hand. Help the mom-to-be in your life preserve the memories of her future little one with this keepsake from Pearhead ($10). She can use it to display her baby's handprint, or even footprint, and cherish it for a lifetime.

Women's Luna Furry Slide Slipper

Giving the MTB in your life a cozy gift is always a good option. Comfort is key, especially for a mom-to-be whose body parts may be swelling more than usual. These furry slides ($30, Dearfoams) are an amazing option, as they will offer a warm hug for her most likely aching feet and also allow her feet to breathe (no sweat here!) and potentially grow, if need be.

Break in Case of Baby Kit
Hello Bello

Your loved one's own little loved one will be here before anyone knows it, and they're going to need at least one set of all the essentials at their disposal. This kit from Hello Bello ($30, Walmart) — created by parents of two Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard — includes shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, lotion, diaper rash cream, wipes, and, of course, diapers, so mom-to-be will at least be a little bit prepared for some potentially big messes.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Footie Ruffled Zippered One Piece
Sizes Newborn-24 months
Posh Peanut

Mom-to-be definitely has a future feminist on her hands. Help her show it by gifting her a piece of Posh Peanut's Women's Empowerment collection, which includes fun designs featuring Rosie the Riveter, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, and more iconic female pioneers. This Ruth Bader Ginsburg footie ($38) is sure to be a personal fave.

Beyond The Bump Kit
Honest Mama

Soon, mom-to-be is going to be a new mom, which means she'll have to start thinking beyond the bump. The transition will be tough, but this Honest Mama kit ($63) — created by Jessica Alba's The Honest Company — will be extremely helpful. The kit comes with soaking salts, body oil, body lotion, and nip balm, allowing your loved one a chance to feel well-nourished while nourishing another.

Gifts For New Moms

Bath Gift Set

Bath time could be such a fun pastime for baby and mom, especially when given the right tub toys. Ubbi's bath gift set ($40) is an amazing option. Between the bright colors and fun shapes, there's so much for any baby to enjoy, so everyone will be left smiling. What's even better is that the toys are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean and far less susceptible to mold than other bath toys. If you don't want to just take our word for it, the five-star Amazon reviews should speak for themselves.

Self-Love Bundle

The Self-Love Bundle from BLK+Green ($50) includes so many products that can help any new mom feel more like herself again. A pure essential oil blend, a soy candle, and a sage wand — not to mention the cutest makeup bag — will leave your loved one feeling taken care of and rejuvenated.

Gift Card

If you haven't heard of Shoott before, it is awesome. Shoott is a free 30-minute photo session with a professional photographer located anywhere across the U.S. That means the new mom in your life can get a newborn photo shoot absolutely free. (For reference, the average newborn shoot is about $200/hour.) All she'll have to do is pay for the pictures she likes — the more pictures you buy, the less each photo costs. A $60+ Shoott gift card can help get her started.

The Play Kits

One of the hardest parts about gift-giving to new moms is figuring out age-appropriate products for their children. Let Lovevery do the hard part. Looking for something for a baby who's a few weeks old? Lovevery has a kit for that age group. 3-4 months? 11-12 months? Even older? Yes, yes, and yes again. If you choose to pay per kit, it's $80/each ($40/month of play); the more kits you pre-pay for, the cheaper it is per kit.

Smart Sock 3rd Generation

One of the greatest gifts you can give a new mom is peace of mind. The Owlet Smart Sock ($299) baby monitor — which tracks a baby's oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep — is meant to offer exactly that. The reviews on this product are filled with relieved parents who rest comfortably, "knowing that if anything ever happened," they would "promptly get a notification." If it's too much of a splurge for you to gift solo, this is also an amazing group gift.

Gifts For Your Mom

Sunshine Mimosa Mini Gift Box Set
Bath & Body Works

With it being Mom's special day and all, it's time for a fresh new scent for her home. Since your mom (or really anyone) can never have too many Bath & Body Works products, may we suggest one of B&BW's latest fragrances Sunshine Mimosa ($17)? Even if you can't have brunch together in real life, her space can still smell like the best part of it.

Nora Disc Necklace
Made By Mary

This necklace by Made by Mary ($72) is not only beautiful, but it's incredibly customizable. Color, design (such as a flower or a state), font, clasp, and text are all able to be personalized specifically to your mother's standards. Once she unwraps her gift and sees this piece of jewelry, she'll know you paid such careful attention to detail, she won't ever want to take it off her neck.

Accordion Travel Wallet
Dagne Dover

Whether or not far-off travel is on your mom's agenda in the near future, she can always use a wallet refresh. Enter Dagne Dover's accordion wallet ($75). There are so many internal pockets and slots all in one sleek pouch, your favorite person will have room to carry money, credit cards, plus plenty of pictures of her favorite person: you.

Summer Water Societé Subscription

It wouldn't be Mom's special day without a little rosé, would it? Even if you're not able to celebrate her big day in person, she could still live on cloud wine with Winc's rosé subscription (starts at $89/month). Enrollment lasts through May 13, so get it while you still can. Otherwise, you'll probably start wine-ing.

Color & Photo

Group gift alert! No matter where you and your siblings are in the world, you should always find ways to send some love to the one person you all love most in the world. The self-proclaimed first love note messenger, Lovebox ($120), is an easy, fun, and completely unique way you can send messages to your mom. All she needs to do is connect it to Wi-Fi, and she can receive all of your sweet notes, pictures, and even drawings. When the box receives the message, the heart on the front spins until the lid is lifted to reveal whatever it is you sent.

Gifts For Your Grandma


More than anything, your grandma wants to see her family thriving. The photo tiles from Mixtiles ($11 each) let your grandma display some of her favorite memories with total ease. To start, you'll want to go to the Mixtiles website and select how many tiles you want to gift. Then, upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your computer, and choose a frame. It's that simple.

Customized Blanket

Is there anything cuter or cozier than a customized blanket? This photo blanket from Shutterfly ($35+) is like a scrapbook you can drape over yourself on a chilly afternoon. If you gift it to your grandma, she'll likely use it whenever she's watching her favorite shows or scrolling through her Facebook feed while she's laying on the couch.

Fleur Gift Set
Tea Forté

Whether you live near or far, this Fleur gift set ($49, Tea Forté) will show your love for your grandma, and give you another reason to hang out together. It includes a porcelain cup with a lid, a tea tray with a monogram, and 10 infusers. After giving your grandma this gift, ask her on a tea date where you chat, eat snacks, and sip tea over FaceTime or Zoom.

Preserved Rose Box

A typical bouquet of flowers will wilt within a week. This preserved rose box ($54, Etsy), however, lasts much longer, as long as it's kept in a cool and dry place. You can also add a personalized message that will be emblazoned across one side of the box. Your grandma's name or a simple message like, "I love you!" is more than enough, but feel free to think outside the box as well.


If you're looking to splurge on your grandma, or go in on a gift with your cousins and siblings, look no further than the Cricut Joy ($160). You'll become a master at crafting and it doesn't take up a lot of space, so it's a win-win. Your grandma can use the Joy to make personalized cards, mugs, and more, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

Gifts For Your Partner's Mom

Grow Gardens, Cocktails
Backyard Safari Company

Getting a gift for your partner's mom can be tricky. But if you figure out one of their interests, you'll be good to go. This cocktail garden kit ($19, Amazon), for example, could be a unique and useful gift for a mom who loves to garden, have a few cocktails, or just be outside. It comes with the supplies you need to grow thyme, lavender, mint, and more.

Fondue Set

Treating your partner's mom to a night of self-care and tasty treats is always a good idea. This fondue set ($22, Laderach) comes with the pot, forks, and a candle, so you just need to provide the chocolate, fruit, and cheese. You and your partner can give it to her together, or it can be an appreciative gift just from you.

One Love
Isle Of Wax

It may seem a little cliché to get your partner's mom a candle, but that's only because it's such an amazing gift idea. This fruity candle ($29, Isle of Wax), in particular, comes in an actual coconut shell, smells like mango and coconut milk, and can be a sweet addition to your partner's mom's bathroom. Add seashells to it to make her feel like she's at the beach.


Your partner's mom is so hardworking. You may look up to her for her grit and ability to persevere even after a long day. This Carhartt bouquet ($51) is right up her alley, as it's made of comfy T-shirts instead of flowers. It also has a sweet message inside that reminds her to take the day off from work, and kick her feet up.

The Starter Ritual Set Soothing For Sensitive Skin

Has your partner's mom ever asked you about what products you use, or if you have any recommendations for her? If so, get her this soothing set of skincare products ($68, Tatcha) that can be tailored to her dry, oily, or combination skin. It'll last for two weeks, and it can be a soothing ritual for her to get into.

Gifts For Dog Moms

Triangle Tug Toy Lilac
Sir Dogwood

Every dog mom can use more toys for their pet to play with. This tug toy ($16, Sir Dogwood) comes in pretty pastel colors, and is perfect for those backyard hangs a dog mom has with their pup — especially in the spring and summer. It's also not too big for a lovable corgi to wrestle with from time to time.

Skye Essentials Pouch
Dagne Dover

Snag this essentials pouch ($35, Dagne Dover) that's almost just as cute as your dog mom's pup. Not only is this pouch stylish, but it's also very useful. The dog mom in your life can use it on hikes, trips to the store, or beach nights. It can store waste bags, snacks, and more.

Medium White Metal Storage Basket

This metal storage basket ($50, KonMari) can serve multiple purposes in a dog mom's home. It can hold leashes, toys, and other puppy essentials, or be a place where they keep their favorite books. The best part is they get to decide what its purpose is — you can fill it with snacks, photos, and their favorite magazines in the meantime.

Modern Mud Cloth Natural Dog Bed
The Foggy Dog

Most households with a dog like to have more than one bed so their pup can curl up wherever they like. For that reason, you can't go wrong with this natural dog bed ($55, The Foggy Dog). You can purchase it with the normal insert, a memory foam insert, or no insert at all.

Seqouia Trail Leggings
Parks Project

When you're a dog mom, having outfits that are cute and comfy for long walks with your pup is essential. These trail leggings ($68, Parks Project) will be the dog mom in your life's new go-to, as they're easy to pair with cozy tees and tanks. Not to mention, they're durable for when they're at the park and playing an active game of fetch.