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You Are About To Learn How To Build Simple, Reliable And Efficient Software With Golang Programming Language!

If you are looking to add a programming language to your skillset, it makes sense to make Golang or simply Go, your programming language of choice.

Developed by engineers at Google, you can rest assured that, just like Google, Go delivers much more than you can imagine in making the software development process easy, efficient, reliable, scalable, fast and simple!

Developed with the idea of resolving the inadequacies that come with C programming language, you can be assured that Go is just as powerful as the most popular programming languages, if not more powerful, and won’t limit you as to what you can do.

With a rich standard library, dynamic-typing capability, garbage collection, type safety and many other advanced built-in-types such as key-value maps, Go will amaze you as to what you can do with it!

So, what makes Go programming special compared to programming in other languages?

How do you get started with Go?

How can you compose reliable applications using Go’s high power functions?

How can you create and initialize maps with Go?

And how to effectively use Go programming for doing projects?

If you have any of these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading, as it covers everything about Golang, from A-Z using simple language that you will understand and apply with ease.

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • The basics of Go programming language, including what it is, how it works, how it was developed, and why you should consider it
  • How to write your first program with Go
  • How to write command-line arguments, find duplicate lines, create animated GIFs, fetch a URL and a web page by URL using Go
  • The ins and outs of Go’s program structure, including Go-assignment operators, the types of declaration, and everything about packages and files
  • The basic data types, integers, floating point numbers, complex type numbers, Booleans, interpreted string literals, strings with UTF- 8 characters and constants in Go
  • Everything you need to know about composite type and numeric constant
  • How to create and initialize maps and important points
  • The ins and outs of struct and parsing templates in Golang
  • The ins and outs of functions in Golang, including how to call a function, the different function arguments - recursion, anonymous functions, defer and recover
  • An understanding of methods, the different types of embedding and encapsulation
  • Some references to help you with Go programming
  • And much more

Even if you’ve never come across Golang before, this book’s beginner friendly approach will open your mind to the endless sea of possibilities in the world of Go programming!

It is designed for software programmers with a need to learn Go programming from scratch. It does not make any assumptions that you have prior knowledge of Go or any specific language so you will find it comprehensive, irrespective of your skills level.

Book Details

  • Author: Matthew Berger
  • Pages: 105 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2020-01-30
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: B084D5S7W7

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