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It seems like Google is working on a new Google Photos tier that will offer free storage for Pixel users. According to the provided information, Google Photos will deliver a “Storage saver” tier for Pixels, which will offer “free and unlimited” storage.

This information comes from 9to5Google, and it’s based on some code changes that were noticed. Before we get down to it, it’s worth noting that Google Photos free storage is ending on June 1.

Google announced this change last year, as the company will no longer offer unlimited free storage for photos and videos on Google Photos. That option will only continue for some Pixel phones. You can read more about all that by clicking here.

“Storage saver” tier for Google Photos to offer “free and unlimited” storage for Pixels

Let’s get down to the code changes, shall we. According to the provided information, Google is planning to deliver a “Storage saver” option for Pixel phones that offers “slightly reduced quality”. Some strings suggest that this option will offer “reduced resolution”.

One string says that “backup up in Storage saver is free and unlimited”. Pixel devices are mentioned in the code as well, so we’re presuming this feature will be available to Pixel phones only.

If the “Storage saver” feature sounds familiar to you, there’s a good reason for it. Back in November last year, a “Storage saver” feature was spotted in the Google Camera. That feature drops RAW for JPEG and saves the image in “medium resolution”, amongst other things.

The new “Storage saver” feature could be Google’s way to provide unlimited free storage to its users, making Pixel phones a more compelling purchase option. We’re not sure how much will this option degrade image quality, but knowing Google, not much.

It remains to be seen how much will this option degrade pictures

Google’s “High quality” option was excellent. It compressed photos down to 16MP and “slightly reduced quality”, but the photos looked excellent. In fact, most of them were indistinguishable. So, presuming this “Storage saver” feature is supposed to be a key selling point, we’re guessing it won’t degrade images (and videos) much. We’ll have to wait and see, though.

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