Pixel 7 teaser new

Google is going to have its next Pixel event on October 6th, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t keep the hype train going. The company just released a new teaser showcasing the upcoming Pixel Collection on YouTube.

First, we see the Pixel 7 phones

In the 15-second long video, Google shows off the majority of the Pixel ecosystem. So far, it consists of the Pixel phones, Pixel buds, and the upcoming Pixel Watch.

At the start of the video, we get a clear look at the Pixel 7 phones. The Pixel 7 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year, and it’s sure to clean our palettes after the recent iPhone event.

Just like with the Pixel 6, there will be two Pixel 7 models- the base Pixel 7 and the pro model. We expect the pro model to come with specs similar to the base model but with some added perks.

What we know is that both of the models will use the Google Tensor second-gen chip and come with Android 13 out of the box. Also, the pro model of the phone will have three cameras on the back while the base model will come with two.

The video also showed off the Pixel Buds Pro and the Pixel Watch

This is a big year for Pixel fans, as the company introduced the Pixel ecosystem. In the video, however, it seems that Google is referring to it as the Pixel Collection.

Alongside the phones, Google also refreshed our memory of the Pixel Buds Pro. These are the premium TWS earbuds that the company launched earlier this year. They cost $199, and they received generally positive reviews from different sites. These are the first Pixel Buds to some with ANC.

Last, but not least, Google showed us the upcoming Pixel Watch. This is the smartwatch that Google has been working on for some years now. The company is going to officially launch this device after the event, and it will have a hefty $350 starting price. If you’re looking forward to these devices, the event will officially take place on October 6th.

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