A few months ago, we shared a couple’s DIY project where they transformed an empty place under the staircase into a stylish room for their furbaby, Stella. Here’s another post you shouldn’t show your cat, but it’s a must-see for any cat owner who wants to step up their parenting game. Although cats seem to enjoy the simplest and cheapest constructions to spend their time in, such as cardboard boxes, they can also get used to a fancy place with all the facilities. Meet a handsome cat in a tuxedo named Wyatt who has his own bedroom with a bed, toys, works of art, and even a personal TV.

Bryan Davies and his family adopted Wyatt a few months ago. When he was recently remodeling the house, Davies discovered an empty small place along the wall in his bedroom and decided to turn it into a tiny bedroom for his new pet. Davies shared his project on Twitter and it instantly went viral, making cat parents feel bad about themselves and inspiring them to treat their cats the way they truly deserve.

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Meet Wyatt, who was lucky to get adopted a few months ago by a family that treats him the way he truly deserves

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When remodeling his house, Bryan Davies found an unused space along the wall and decided to turn it into a tiny bedroom for Wyatt

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He furnished the room with a cat-sized bed and other tiny furniture, a rug, and a scratching post, and lots of toys

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The room is also decorated with cat-themed artwork for a cozy touch

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It has been proven that cats have a positive impact on humans’ physical and mental health. They decrease the risk of myocardial infarction and cardiovascular diseases, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and provide irreplaceable emotional support while relieving stress. So it’s only fair to give back to them to the best of our abilities. Davies is not the only owner who is trying his best at cat parenting. For example, these people used their time in quarantine to build cardboard tanks for their cats; a Japanese cat, Miru-chan, has a custom-made tiny umbrella for walks on rainy days; this cat gets treated with relaxing spa days, and these designers invented a chair with a built-in exercise wheel for cats.

But Wyatt’s most loved feature of his bedroom is a personal TV—a tablet where he can watch videos of birds and squirrels

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While going the extra mile to ensure your cat’s comfort is plausible, a luxurious separate bedroom is not a necessity. The most important is exploring what your cat likes and trying your best to give that to it.

“All owners should research their pet’s basic needs, taking into consideration the age of the pet, and make some changes to ensure these needs are being more than met,” Wendy Kruger and Samantha Prior at Wood Green point out.

This is exactly what Davies did. Wyatt loves watching birds and squirrels from the window, but during winter, animals are less likely to show up, so his owner turned to technology. Wyatt enjoyed watching bird videos on YouTube on a tablet, a tiny bedroom is just an adorable bonus.

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Watching animals from the window is Wyatt’s favorite activity, so a ‘cat TV’ is a great alternative during the cold season

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Wyatt enjoys having his own special place in the house

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Cats are known to enjoy the most unusual and, at first glance, uncomfortable places. You would be surprised by all the random places your cat might end up—from classic cardboard boxes to sinks, keyboards, or pots—it will “sits where it fits.” Bored Panda has recently compiled a hilarious list of cats napping in interesting places as seen on Twitter’s @catsplacess account. But that doesn’t mean your cat won’t appreciate an extra moment of pampering. Wyatt certainly does.

“He spends a lot of time in there, asking to watch his show before taking a nap,” Davies told The Dodo. “He zones out to the screen like a normal teen. And he naps—hard. He really does enjoy it as much as a kid who finally got his own room.”

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Image credits: wyatt_riot

Here’s how people reacted to the cat’s bedroom

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