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Halloween was never my favorite time of year. I’m a certified scaredy cat! I don’t do scarey movies or Haunted Houses and although I’m all grown up, I still hate the dark!! BUT…now that I have a little one, who thinks Halloween is super cool, I’ve had to look at it a whole new way! Now, I’m not going to run out and enjoy the first Haunted House I can find, but I think we put together a pretty cool party, with lots of great Halloween party ideas, for her, and her friends, to enjoy right here at home! It’s not blood ‘n guts, spooky and scarey, but still has fun elements of Halloween!

I found most everything we needed at the Dollar Store and Target in their $1.00 section. Since my little one has decided that it’s not a holiday unless we decorate for it, I need to save money where I can.

We started with this wreath on our door. I don’t know what it is about spider webbing, but it seems to turn anything into Halloween! I didn’t have any kind of large insect, so this little Fall crow became the spiders next meal! For our little spider…he’s not creepy, but we used what we had to throw him together and he “fits” this wreath. We used a foam ball, felt, pipe cleaners and p0lk-a-dot fabric for his eyes!

Halloween party ideas - Ask Anna

Next on the list were the decorations inside!  All the little “monsters” were going to be carving pumpkins on the dining table, so it needed to be  somewhat simple to clear, except for the plastic table cloth!

Here’s what it came to be!

That’s my black widow pumpkin! We had bugs, crows, spiders, webs and rats all over the place!

Halloween party ideas - Ask Anna

Halloween party ideas - Ask Anna

I love all the simple things you can find at the Dollar Store! These spiders and little crows were 2 for a buck!

Now I have to say, I had fun with the food! We had spaghetti, but of course we didn’t call it that! We said the noodles were worms and the 3 little vials were blood {spaghetti sauce}, maggots {parmesan cheese} and brains {ground beef}. The kids LOVED that!

We had deviled eggs, with spiders {what you can do with an olive!} and cupcakes with webs!

Halloween party ideas - Ask Anna

Our drink was a hit as well! It was sprite, but then the kids  shot  “blood” into it!

Halloween Shirley Temple - Ask Anna

Although I’m getting into the Halloween spirit, there’s another little table in the nook that had to still be for me! Not “spookyish”! So, this is what I put over there! Owls are for Halloween, these just might abe a little  too “polished” for the kids side of the room {Haha!}

DIY fruit owl - Ask Anna Owl cookies - Ask Anna

We had other little sweets around like in these little jars, but then we sent them home with a treat as well, Spider eggs! {Good ‘ol sixlets! I love how you can get them in almost any color these days!}

Halloween party ideas - Ask Anna

Well, there ya have it! I do have to admit, it was fun putting it together and the kids had a blast! I’m already thinking of things for next year! How crazy is that for someone who hasn’t dug Halloween!??

I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any question on how something was made or where to get something just let me know! I love sharing ideas!!

Until next time!


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