This book focuses on image based security techniques, namely visual cryptography, watermarking, and steganography. This book is divided into four sections. The first section explores basic to advanced concepts of visual cryptography.

The second section of the book covers digital image watermarking including watermarking algorithms, frameworks for modeling watermarking systems, and the evaluation of watermarking techniques. The next section analyzes steganography and steganalysis, including the notion, terminology and building blocks of steganographic communication.

The final section of the book describes the concept of hybrid approaches which includes all image-based security techniques. One can also explore various advanced research domains related to the multimedia security field in the final section. The book includes many examples and applications, as well as implementation using MATLAB, wherever required.


  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to visual cryptography, digital watermarking and steganography in one book
  • Includes real-life examples and applications throughout
  • Covers theoretical and practical concepts related to security of other multimedia objects using image based security techniques
  • Presents the implementation of all important concepts in MATLAB

Table of Contents

Section I Visual Cryptography
Chapter 1 Visual Cryptography: Introduction
Chapter 2 Various Dimensions of Visual Cryptography
Chapter 3 VC Approaches with Computationless Recovery of Secrets
Chapter 4 VC Approaches with Computation­Based Recovery of Secrets

Section II Digital Image Watermarking14
Chapter 5 Digital Image Watermarking: Introduction
Chapter 6 Fragile Watermarking
Chapter 7 Fragile Watermark with Recovery Capabilities in Spatial Domain
Chapter 8 Fragile Watermark with Recovery Capabilities in Frequency Domain
Chapter 9 Robust Watermarking
Chapter 10 Dual Watermarking

Section III Steganography
Chapter 11 Steganography
Chapter 12 Development of Steganography and Steganalysis
Section IV Hybrid Approaches andAdvanced Research Topics36
Chapter 13 Image­Based Security Using VC, Watermarking & Steganography
Chapter 14 Protection of Multimedia Objects Using Image­Based Security Methods